Day: Monday
Time: 8:19 PM EST
Music: silence
IM/ICQ: Bryce, Ronnie, and Tallguy
Internet: random link jumping
Quote: "Oh look. He made....a.....box." -Mindy (it was 3 in the morning. we had no sleep. believe me, it was hilarious at the time)
Fun Link: none

Where oh where has my life gone?!

It is falling into a routine that I only update on Mondays it appears. Oh well. So be it.

Kat has moved in now. The Oasis is complete. She is supposed to be making me a cake tonight. Yummy.

I am considering getting a new job. I can't handle things anymore.

I need to get headshots.

Apparently this appears to be the say-one-sentence-on-each-topic entry.

What's been going on in my life???

I bought all new dance shoes today. Not that I "needed" them, but I felt my others ones were wearing out and it was time to get new ones.

I've gotten to the point tonight where I don't want to talk to anyone. Every little thing is pissing me off. Make it all go away.

Oh wait. There is something I can talk about.

Does anyone who reads this remember Ricky? Well, he's fake. He's a 45(?) year old woman name Linda. I have an entire document full of evidence to back up my story too. I've known since February of 1999. Long time to keep a secret, huh? So, I finally let a few people know little by little, and then this past weekend I sent out a mass email telling about 50 people. From there it spread like wildfire. Now everyone knows, I guess. They all had sneaking suspicions, but now that they've seen the "Manifesto" they are certain...like me :)

What else?

Finally bought Mikala a birthday present. I am such a horrible uncle. I was gone for her birth. I was gone for her first birthday. I was gone for her second birthday. I was gone for her third AND bought her gift two weeks late. Who knows when I'll actually get around to mailing it.

I'm seriously getting sick of school. Seriously. I can't handle it. The people suck. The classes suck. The work sucks. I can't deal with this shit. I just wanna go home.

Nothing else to talk about. I'm sure I'll think of something the moment I finish this update...but such is life.