Day: Monday
Time: 10:16 PM EST
Music: silence
Internet: random link jumping
Quote: "I'll apply the Sond-heim-lich manuever." -"An Improvised Love Song"(my duet)
Fun Link: none

I am sweating like a pig. I wish we had air conditioning her at the oasis.

I really do need to apologize for not updating as often as normal. But once you hear what my schedule is like, you will understand. Monday through Friday from morning til night, I am basically doing nothing but school work. Saturday, all day, I am at work. Sunday, I am at work in the afternoon and spending the evening doing school work. I honestly do not have one moment of free time anymore. And it really saddens me. And quite honestly, I hate it.

School is so stressful as well. The following is what I have to work on (all at the same time)....

Read Midsummer Night's Dream
Play report on Midsummer Night's Dream
Learn a scene from Midsummer (must schedule rehearsals with partner)
Read free-choice play
Play report on free-choice play
Learn duet
Learn scene that accompanies duet
Rehearse scene and duet with partner
Circumstance report for scene and song
Learn yet another scene
Rehearse this other scene with partner
Learn lines from a poem
Define all words from poem unknown

That was a sample of the projects going on during my "free-time," so you can see that I actually don't have any free time. And while I finish these ones up, more will be added so I have a constant flow of excess work coming at me. So basically, my life belongs to AMDA and B+B until October when I should get some time to relax finally.

I really need a haircut. But here is my dilema. It is WAY long, so I would cut it now, but I am getting my headshots near the end of August or beginning of September, and if I get it cut now, then it will be long again by the time I get the pics taken. So, I need to wait a little longer before getting it cut, but I look like shit with my long hair right now. Oh the drama.

So, I'm sure some of you are wondering what's happened with the guy I've mentioned in the last two entries. Well, I am kinda wondering the same thing. We don't talk much or see each other anymore, so I guess I can assume that it was just a one time thing. Maybe if in the future he and his boyfriend break up, then he will actually be available, and maybe interested in trying things, but I guess for now I have to move on and not think about it. Although I can say, with almost certainty, that I do feel something for this person. Just what it is though, I can't yet label.

Not sure if I mentioned this in the last update, which seems like centuries ago, but Kat is moving into the oasis with Mindy and I. It'll be nice to have someone new here. Things have settled in with Mindy and I, and now having a third roomie will complete the apartment and liven things up again. And maybe Mindy and I will get home from work and have cookies baking for us sometime. Huh, Kat?

In my duet, I have to kiss a girl....four times. We did a read thru the other day and the class went nuts when I kissed her....each time.

So, I was told today that a guy who went to school here and is taking the summer off has now turned straight...but he would still like to sleep with Ricky Martin...and me. Quite an honor being one of only two men on earth that this born-again-hetero would like to boink.

I'm really not thinking of anything else worthwhile to say, so I'm gonna go now and chill. Once I get free time....I like to take advantage of it. Dinner would also be a nice thing too. Haven't eaten yet tonight.

And since I didn't update on the 13th, I'll say it now: Happy Birthday, Mikala! I love you!