Day: Tuesday
Time: 11:22 PM EST
Music: silence
IM/ICQ: Ronnie
Internet: random link jumping
Quote: "white boys better get outta here" -a neighborhood dweller (gee, don't i feel safe now)
Fun Link: none

Such a long time without an update. I really have no excuse. Just really busy, I guess. So, these are highlights.

At work, this little girl of maybe 2 or 3 was downstairs while we were on break. She came up to me and gave me a kiss and then walked away. Just out of the blue. It was the most adorable thing.

Then after work on Saturday, Sara E and I got in line for the Footloose closing show. We got there at 11:30 Saturday night and didn't get to leave til noon on Sunday. Oy. It was torture. Sleeping on the sidewalk. Yuck. And almost being killed cuz there were men being chased by police with guns a mere 50 yards away which resulted in a free-for-all run-for-your-lives extravaganza. Drama.

But we made it and we got our tickets and saw the show. It was such a sad show. I was crying at the weirdest moments in it just cuz it was the last time I was going to see them. But it was electric. The energy in the house was amazing. I am very glad I got to be there for it.

Then I kinda hooked up with someone that night. His name is XXX.

WOW! That was the first time I've talked about something without hiding the fact that the other person is a guy. Feels pretty good. Anyway.....

So XXX and I moved a load from my old place to my new place. And after we got things situated here, things took off. Not sure how it all came to pass....but it did. And I kinda enjoyed it. A bad thing about it, though, is he has a boyfriend. So I am kinda feeling guilty about it.

Not sure what will come of XXX. I am kinda attracted to him, but part of me doesn't want to let myself be attracted to him. Which part will win? Who knows. We shall see soon, I guess.

Had an apartment warming party last night. A few peeps from work came over. We watched gay porn and played Taboo. A good time was had by all. Almost everyone spent the night and then we spent the holiday together.

Went and saw a Jim Carrey movie (snooze) and then went to see some fireworks. It was nice spending the day with friends.

I am officially exhausted and being bombarded with IM's and emails, so I'm off. Happy 4th!