Well.....it's been a few weeks since I updated this damn thing, so I thought I'd drop by and leave a few words of wisdom for all of my Nick groupies. So, here ya go!

Well, i got that damn Furby I wanted so badly. And now I dread ever opening the box! My goodness, thay are so annoying! they never.....NEVER shut up! So, once he fell asleep.....I left him to sleep. he's been sleeping for two weeks straight now. A little beauty sleep never hurt anyone.

What else has been happening in Nick World? Lemme see.....I finished my first semester of the school year yesterday. It's kinda scary to think that I only have one semester left before I'm kicked out into the harsh reality known as life. Even harder realizing that I'll still be in Iowa for 5 more years.....at least. How I long to get out of this backward town that I live in! I want to grow, to expand my horizons! I really need to get out of this place. Not only do I not want to be here, but I get the strong feeling that I'm not wanted here either. It hurts, but it'll make leaving less of a struggle. I won't feel so bad when I walk out the door for the last time never to return again. Ok, enough depressing crap.....let's move on, shall we?

Ok, thinking....thinking....thinking. Nope, not a single good thing has happenend to me recently.....except for one. Basically my life has been imitating the movie "You've Got Mail." And i couldn't be happier.....or sadder. I have met the most amazing person! The only problem: there is an incredible distance between us. To protect the identity of the person in question, we will use this person's initials: HAY. Well, HAY lives in New Jersey, and we all know that New Jersey isn't a ten minute walk from Iowa. So, I have to sit here and second guess my disission not to go to AMDA and be only 30 minutes from HAY. And the weird thing is, I was gonna go to AMDA before I knew HAY, so don't go thinkin I was only considering going there because of HAY. But now I sit and wonder how my life would be different if I did go to AMDA. And then I just get depressed. That happens everytime I start to think. So, while the whole HAY situation has caused me to be sad about it all, I feel much more blessed than I do depressed. I feel so happy that this person has come into my life. I can't imagine life without HAY now. I get online just to talk to HAY. I sit and wait for the sound of a door opening signaling HAY's arrival to AOL. And we talk. And much too soon one of us must leave. And then the door slams leaving one of us alone. But how I treasure those times we do share. Call me a fool for falling in love online. Guilty as charged.