Day: Wednesday
Time: 12:34 PM EST
Music: quiet
IM/ICQ: none
Internet: glad this computer can now get online again
Quote: "I'm a great iffer" -Holly (talking about her riffing skills)
Fun Link: none

Sorry, I know I need to update more, but with computer problems and just being busy with my life and not wanting to update, I didn't.

School is going well. Almost done. A few weeks left. I think my showcase is going to be really fun and is also going to be really good. I'm excited for it.

My classmates are finding a lot of success and getting jobs. Several were hired for a cruise line and one was cast as the next Frenchie in Cabaret. I am feeling really inadequate since I haven't gotten a job yet, and I know it's impossible to get a job unless I go out there and audition, but I have no motivation or will-power. I wake up in the mornings and go back to bed instead of going to the auditions. My schedule is all fucked up which could have something to do with it, but that really isn't a good excuse. I have got to get out there and start auditioning more. So why don't I?

New Years sucked. Party at Sara and Keith's place in Queens. Ending up hooking up with some guy in the bathroom. The horrible things I do when drunk. Sigh.

I did go out on a date though. This guy named Chris and I went to dinner and a movie. I thought he hated me, but now I'm just confused. We are still communicating and talking about going out again, but as of now it's all talk, so who knows if it will actually happen. He did say he wanted to come to my showcase though, which is a good sign.

Mom will be here in a few weeks. I'm excited to see her and for her to get to spend some time in NYC. She thrilled to finally get to see me perform again. It's been almost two years. We're taking in a few shows while she is here too, so that will be fun. The only things I am worried about are the fact that she is living IN my apartment for the week she is here and also that I am sure my classmates will want to go out after graduation, but I really won't be able to cuz I'll have my mom to babysit.

I can't believe I graduate in about two weeks. Yikes.

Work is going well. Same old.

Nothing too exciting has happened in my life really. Just staying up til three in the morning and sleeping til noon. Not a great life and not a very interesting one to write about, so these diary entries must be really lame.

I've started reading Boy's Life again. I started it in 7th grade and didn't finish. Started it again a few years later and didn't finish. And have now started again, and hopefully, the third time will be the charm and I will finish it this time. I am really enjoying it.

I feel so retarded. It's been almost three weeks since I updated and I have absolutely nothing of substance to talk about. Is my life really that boring?! I live in NYC for heaven's sake and I can't find anything exciting to talk about. Maybe I am perpetually a boring person.

Boring people write boring entries...which is why this one sucked. Before I dig myself deeper into the boring-pit, I'm just gonna stop.