I had what could be described as the best.....and worst New Years this year. It was not only an incredible event, but it was also the most unbearable one ever.

I decided to risk fate and go to Times Square for the event. A bomb may kill me, but hell, I'd go out in the biggest event of the millennium, no? I will admit I was kinda scared to risk it, but when else was I going to get to do this? I wasn't going to live another thousand years, so this was my only chance.

I trekked down to Times Square at 3 in the fucking morning. It was an insane thing to do. I was going to have to stand there for 21 hours before the stroke of midnight arrived. I felt like I was making a choice I was going to regret. I staked out my spot in the front row, which was the advantage of getting there early. A prime spot for the festivities. I was alone and cold. I turned around and saw Dana, a classmate and her boyfriend standing there. Small world! We decided to spend the LONG day together.

We marvelled at the genius people who were smart enough to bring umbrellas. The others used cardboard boxes and made little houses out of them. It looked like a homeless city.

A few hours went by and I was really starting to get tired. Perhaps I would've been ok if I had slept the night before, but I am a dumbass and didn't. My feet were already hurting and cold. Very cold.

The time came to reveal the ball to the crowd that was substantially larger now. The minute it began its ascent, the crowed erupted. Screams and cheers filled the cold (did I mention it was cold yet?) air. I got excited for the first time.

Because I was in front row, I ended up being the subject of a lot of photographers pictures. I cannot count the numbers of times my picture was taken. I felt like a celebrity.

We had to countdown for each timezone which started out to be fun. But after a few of them, it started to lose its effect. I got so bored with it after awhile. The only redeeming factor was that after most of them, things would be thrown off buildings at us. Not bombs or anything (although that would've been exciting too) but more along the lines of confetti and shit like that.

Again...VERY cold.

Very sleepy.

The parades left much to be desired. The puppets were nice, but overall....boring! And the damn music they used as background music...where the hell did they find that shit?!

Losing all track of actual events that happened cuz by this time, my brain cells had begun to freeze.

So...we waited....and waited....and waited....and SURPRISE, we waited some more. I was really considering leaving and just going home and going to bed. But I knew that waiting would pay off in the end. And I had been there too long to just throw it all away.

So, I toughed it out. Things got better when Diane Sawyer came over and did a news spot in front of us. She had arranged to talk specifically to me which made my day, but then she ended up talking to some obnoxious girl. Why the sudden change, Diane? Wantin to make me cry or something?!

Oh well, I got over it.

I started to suffer from lack of sleep and became REALLY disoriented. It got to the point where I saw all the buildings around me, but did not think I was even in Times Square anymore. And once I was able to convince myself that I was, it still seemed like were more in the north part of the area than where I actually was. Lack of sleep = bad.

Oh yeah...didn't get to piss for almost 24 hours either. Not a fun thing.

Nothing really excited happened again til midnight. Well, I did learn that I can sleep standing up which could come in handy again someday down the road. I learned I can be incredibly patient which can also come in handy.

Jump to midnight.

This was the moment the entire planet had been counting down to for years now. It was very excited but also kinda sad at the same time. I'm a sentimental person and I hate to see things end. But there is nothing I can do to stop time (although being able to would be nice at times).

So, the countdown began. The ball began its slow descent. The lights on the ball sparkled and it looked gorgeous. And as it fell I knew I wouldn't get to see it ever again after the minute drop was over. I tried to take it all in, but wasn't able to preserve the moment as much as I would've liked to.






Happy New Year!

The ball lit up the 2000 sign and fireworks exploded all over the sky. I thought for a moment it was a terrorist bomb, but hey, who knew we would be lucky and get away untouched. It was awesome. Words can't even begin to describe the site. Flashing lights, Fireworks blazing in the sky, massive amounts of confetti raining from the sky, screaming people as far as the eye can see. It was something I won't ever forget as long as I live. A moment in time I can't ever get back or experience again, but one that will live in my mind's eye forever.

It'll also be hard to forget cuz I was imortalized as being there for the event. I was on the front page of the first NY Times of the millennium, I was in papers all over the country...and world. I was in online pictures. I am going to appear in an HBO documentary. And so on and so forth.

Goodbye era of my life. Hello Y2K.