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What a difference a few minutes can make! I got in the subway tonight and when I got out about twenty minutes later, it had started to lightly snow. There had been no sign of it. I went into Hedwig, which I saw, and when I came out, it was practically a blizzard! I loved it!

Ok...now, back to cronology....

I saw Hedwig the night of my last update. It was the original Hedwig's first of only three shows back. It was incredible. But the bootleg and photo squad was on the prowl. It was the hardest recording I have ever made. I was in a sweat the entire time. But I got it made and was very proud. I wanted to scream "Haha! I made one!" as I left...but I knew that was a bad idea.

So Friday was the big day full of finals. Three of them. Started off bright and early with a 5 hour dance final. Oy. I was terrified, but it didn't end up as bad as we were all expecting. What we all feared most was the Standing Series. Non-AMDA students don't know what this is, and it is too hard to explain, but trust me when I say you should fear it. Last semester when they had to do the Standing Series at the finals...people passed out. Now you know why we feared it. But it was fine. It went so fast. Faster than it probably should've.

Then we all went through our different classes and levels. Ballet was first. My teacher made me be the first to show my turns. Gee...no pressure. But I think I did rather well. Then we did theatre dance, which took the most time. No fun. Then the best part: Jazz!

I love my jazz class. I just love jazz in general. I got up there and put on my Fosse attitude. We did our technical performance which went very well. Both of my double spins (note: i don't yet know how to spell the REAL names of them, so to avoid embarrassment, i just use terms everyone will know) to work. Gave me such a confidence boost.

Then the time came for the routine. The routine we had spent so much time and energy working on. It all came down to this moment. The music started, I struck my pose, and before I knew it, the song was over. It was done. I would never perform that routine ever again. I'll miss it. It was what made me love jazz so much.

I got tons of compliments afterward too. It made me feel as if I had really accomplished something. Yay for jazz.

Then I had my voice final. Had to sing a classical song. Ew! There were tons of stone-faced people watching and judging. It was very intimidating. And I forgot to breate in one of my places and thus had to do an entirely too long phrase with no air. But that was the only real problem. My voice teacher said I did great, so I'll trust her.

Then I had acting. It went so-so. Not good. Not bad. Just neutral on the whole subject there.

Hayley and I went to a movie that night. It was The Talented Mr. Ripley. It was the 12:15 (AM) showing. By 12:30....I was dead asleep. I slept through the entire movie. I spent $9.50 to sleep. It kinda made me a little mad.

Saturday, I worked the matinee. Afterwards, I met up with Seth and Hayley. Seth's friend Tommy was there too. We were all seeing Footloose (big surprise) that night along with my other friend, Erin. Turns out Erin is family friends with Jim. Small world. So we all go out to eat and then go talk to Jim before the show like we always do.

After the show, Erin and Jim caught up on family events while Erin also lusted after the men...and women...in the show. One random girl (about 12) asked Erin if Erin wanted her autograph. Erin said in the MOST rude way "Ummmmm........no." It was the most hilarious thing I've heard in awhile.

Today I worked the matinee also. Then tonight, I saw Hedwig again. Tonight was supposed to be the closing show, but since the show got extended, it wasn't the closing show. Which was good...but bad. But whatever. It was a great show! I got a little misty-eyed at the end just knowing that this was supposed to be the last one ever. But the truth that the show won't be here forever (probably leaving rather soon) is settling in. It's very sad. This show deserves so much credit and recognition.

So here I sit, updating this journal like I so often do.

Is it weird that I always leave a piece of AOL mail marked as new so I can always here that famous voice say "You've got mail" when I log on? It just brings back memories of the great movie and of all the online romances I was almost juvenile enough to actually take seriously. Memories....light the corners of my mind....misty water colored memories....of the way we were.....

There are so many odd shaped stocking caps in this city. I think people lose their sanity after living here awhile. Not much longer til mine is gone, I'm sure.

Upcoming plans? Um...two days off from school. Yes. I got a four day weekend with the demo schedule. No demos on Monday OR tuesday. So much free time and no idea what to do with it. Maybe I'll see another movie and actually stay awake during it. Maybe I'll finally go to Central Park. I've lived her almost four months and still haven't gone to Central Park. Maybe I'll sleep. I like that idea. But I will probably end up transcribing the Jim interview to his site.

That should take me several hours to complete and keep me rather busy.

God, I wrote a lot. My fingers are starting to hurt from typing. So, I shall bid you farewell now.

Save the damn feather boas!