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Quote: "Everyone shut up! Listen to my stomach." -Sarah Love Hewitt (wtf?! like i want to listen to someone's internal organs make squishy, sloshy noises)
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I'm basically writing this entry out of bordome. I have nothing else to do.

So, I have finished classes for my first semester at AMDA. Now I have finals for a week. I have a 5 hour dance final tomorrow. That should be hell.

I do get a four-day-weekend though, because I don't have any finals on Monday or Tuesday. I'll have so much free time I won't know what to do with myself. Give me some ideas of things to do. I have some, but none of them are fun.

The other night I saw the opening preview of The Wild Party with Shannon. It was a great show. An incredible show. And you could not tell that it was the first time they had ever performed it in front of an audience. I definitely want to go back again.

Getting to the show was an adventure. The snow here makes travel horrid. There were ankel-deep piles of slush at every curb in this city. Dry socks? What are those?

So, I take the 1/9 down to Columbus Circle and then walk to the theatre. I get my student tickets and then take the NR to Penn to find Shannon. We meet up at Krispy Kreme (a bad idea since I felt obligated to buy some. they are just so damn good) and then took the NR back to the theatre.

This was my first time on the NR. I like the trains there better. They have fun seats and more standing room. I could've done a cartwheel in there if I wanted to.

Right now, Hayley is watching me type this. Hi, Hayley. :)

La dee da. What else can I talk about??

I had a Sight-Singing final on Tuesday. It was very easy compared to what I was fearing it would be. I think I got an A on it. Good for me. Whatever.

Last night at work, Keith gave me "the talk." He told me all about sex and all the good and bad things that go along with it. Let's just say I have decided to become a monk.

I was told this morning that there was a character on Spin City last night named Nicholas Mitchell. That is kinda cool...but also kinda creepy. The character was a big, gay, black man. Um...

By the way, just thought I would point out that I am who I say I am. I'm not some 80 year old man trying to get on little boys....I'm not some 14 year old girl trying to act cool....and I'm not some 40ish year old woman pretending to be a young guy. And I have yearbook pictures to prove it! *tee hee*

By the way....I hate New York