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Ok, I forgot things about the movie with Keri I wanted to tell ya, so here we go....

We were running that night and it had just snowed a lot so there was a lot of that salt that is used to melt ice around. Well, we were running it, and some of it seemed to be blowing off a building but we didn't realize it til too late. We ran right through a cloud of salt. Keri screamed "Nick! We've been....asaulted!" I found it funny.

Then we got into the theatre and we were like the only ones there aside from about three other people. It was empty. And so we go to our seats and Keri runs into EVERY cup holder. It was so funny.

And why do the theatres back in Iowa only have soda, candy, and popcorn for concessions while here they have hot dogs, pizza, nachos, cappuccino and everything else as well. Iowa needs to get with the times! And this is a new concept?

Ok...so I think that was all I wanted to say.


Friday night I got together with someone we shall call "X"

We went out to this restaurant and had just talked. It was great to see X out of the same environment I always had before. We had an awesome talk. We talked about X and we talked about me. And we talked about life in general. Then we got some coffee and parted for the night. It was just a really great time. Not sure if you even read this, but if you do, Thanks X!

Saw Jim also that night. He told me he was going to be the lead sometime this weekend. Yay! I would finally see it! So begins the adventures of Saturday...

I woke up early to see if Harry had emailed me to tell me what was going on cuz we were supposed to meet that day. No email from him so I assume plans were off. But there was an email from Jim saying he would most likely do the lead for the matinee. So, I got my ass down there in the freezing cold and waited.

First in line! In my regular seats. Only...Jim wasn't on at all for the matinee. Not even for his regular role. I was devastated.

So, that show got over and Seth and I met up and the rush line wasn't full, so we hopped right back in and saw the evening show as well. Keri joined us. We had a blast. She loved the show. It was her first one since October. Jim was on for this one. Turns out he woke up with a stiff neck, so he's forgiven. ;-) She loved Jim (yay!). She wants to go see it again. I will just have to be persuaded to take her. :)

I talked to her mom on the phone a little bit last night too. It is always kinda weird talking to someone else's parent on the phone. But nice :)

Yesterday was my first Saturday off since getting the job back in November and I spent the whole day across the street from work. What is wrong with this picture?

Today I went back to the Foot theatre. A homeless man asked me for change 4 times. 4 times! So finally I was just really rude to him. I felt bad...for like 3 seconds. Then I got over it.

Had a voice rehearsal in prep for finals this week. So nervous! Had Krispy Kreme afterwards. Too many of them though. I was about to make myself sick on them. But damn! They are so good!

Then I went to work. Nothing exciting there. One girl asked me if I was the prince. It was cute.

And with that, my dears, I shall say goodnight.