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Quote: "Jump for Jesus!" -my ballet teacher (alrighty)
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I just got done with my last ballet class of the semester. Time has flown by so fast! I can't believe I am almost a sophomore. Wow. In only one year from now, I will be graduating! Oy!

I saw Swing the other night. I sat in the front row for 21 dollars. Ain't too shabby. I love when places have rush tickets. The show was awesome. It was incredible. It inspired me to try even harder to learn and do my best in my dance classes. It was such a great show! The part with the bungee cords was a highlight. I would sell my first child (like I'll ever have one) to play on those cords!

Last night was a great night! I got my paycheck which always makes me happy. I hadn't gotten a chance to deposit the previous two till last night, so I got to deposit three at once. My account skyrocketed! Yay for money!

Then Keri and I went to this shop that has a porn section and looked around. I was so tempted to buy something, but they were closing in a few minutes, so I didn't.

Then we were walking past a movie theater and we were talking about how neither of us had seen a movie IN a theater since August. We said how we should go to a movie. It started out as just talk, but then we decided we SHOULD see a movie...like right then. So, we did. It was such a spontaneous thing. It was awesome.

We ended up seeing Toy Story 2. It was well worth the admission price (which is astronomical in this city!). The movie was hilarious. Much better than the first one! The outtakes at the end were by far the best part of the movie. "Here's some extra monkey chow!"

Then we came home and I tried on things for my emcee costume. Found the PERFECT thing. Picture this: Black boots that go my calves, TIGHT jazz pants pulled up to my knees, a gold tuxedo jacket, a red bow tie, no shirt, glitter all over my chest, face, and lips, and wild hair. It's awesome! I was walking around all over the building in it last night. Non-student residents were literally frightened. I've lost so much inhabition since getting here!

Future plans...

Tonight I am getting together with someone and having a bite to eat and talking and such. It should be fun. I am kinda nervous about it though.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be meeting Harry finally. We'll see if that actually happens. Haven't heard from him lately so I'm not sure if he's still coming or not. Kinda hope he does. I've been waiting patiently to meet him for over a year now.

Hedwig closing next week. Sigh. Let's have a moment of silence. I'm really gonna miss that show. A lot. I should've seen it more when I had the chance.

Time to go celebrate finishing my last ballet class now! Finals are fast approaching. I am so very frightened I won't be ready.