Time: 9:06 AM EST
TV: Regis and Kathie Lee
IM/ICQ: none for a change
Internet: again...none
Quote: "Who wants to perform 69?" -my sight-singing teacher (he meant exercise #69, but.....)

So tired.

I worked 22 hours this past weekend. I worked a double shift both days. I am still exhausted! I keep reminding myself that this will result in a lot of money. And then I remind myself that half of that money goes straight to the government. Gee...gotta love that.

I'm so tired I can't even remember if I already told you that or not. And am too tired to even check.

So, I got a Blockbuster Card now. I can now rent movies to my heart's (and wallet's) content. So far I've seen South Park and American Pie. Both were funny, but a tad frightening. South Park was frightening because I was actually laughing at some of the horendous things they were saying. American Pie was frightening because it portrays males all too well.

According to my Blockbuster card, my last name is Mihhel. Um...ok. I guess I'm Jewish now.

Wow! The answer to the trivia question they just had on Regis and Kathie Lee was "Iowa." Yay!

Finals are coming up and I am starting to get rather nervous. So much to do. So little time to do it in. Will I get good grades? Will I fail miserably?

Mom is gonna kill me. I spent over $100 on her credit card yesterday. I bought two tickets to Hedwig. One for the closing show (yeah, it's closing now. how sad!) and one for one of the shows when John Cameron Mitchell (no relation. damn!) reprises his performance. The seats suck, but they were literally like the last ones left. At least I'll be at the show though, which is the important part.

I don't think Mom will be too mad though. She had said I could buy some clothes with her credit card since it is tax free week here in the city. But these tickets probably cost close to what I would've paid for the clothes, so I don't think she'll be too upset. I hope.

I am keeping with some of my New Year's resolutions so far. Not drinking, smoking, drugging yet. This is good. Trying some new things that I normally wouldn't. I had some sushi the other night. No comment on that ;-)

I have to perform my Cabaret song this week. I don't get any rehearsal time for it either. I have to get it all on my own. My friends bought a stuffed gorilla for me for use in the song. How sweet is that! I think this song will be fun to do. I am also getting ideas for costumes and they are ones I don't think I would be too self conscious wearing.

I almost missed my first class yesterday. I knew I would not wake up to my alarm since I had worked so much and was so exhausted. So a friend said she would call me to wake me up at 6:15. Well, the phone rings and it is her. She overslept. It was 7:30 and I had to be at class in 30 minutes. So, I pulled some pants on, threw a shirt on, put on a cap to cover my bed-hair, and ran out the door. Actually, I made it to class (31 blocks away) with time to spare. But boy was I scared. Especially since this was the teacher who hates me. If I miss one more of his classes, I am screwed.

Ok, I can't think of anything else to say, so I'll stop now. Also, I'm tired of doing the html to make all the titles italic.

I wanna take a nap.