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Movie: Dazed and Confused
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Quote: "Too often we loose sight of life's simple pleasures. Remember, when someone annoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown, BUT it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and bitch slap the mother fucker in the head." -an email forward (and that's my new philosophy)

Wow. It's been a long time since I updated. I would update more, but Jeff is always on here. I had to jump on when he got off for a few minutes otherwise he would still be here.

The other night he was on from 6 til 1:30. I finally got fed up and went downstairs and got on under Keri's name and she talked to him and scared him into going to bed.

I am seeing Jesus Christ Susperstar a week after it opens. I am very excited. I am seeing it through this group deal we got at work. So, I am spending one of my nights off with all the people I work with. What?! But it should be worth it to see a brand new (yes, i know it is a revival. you know what i mean) show.

I have been under so much stress lately. Had a problem with one of teachers trying to give me a failing grade unfairly. I had to go all the way to the head of the education department, but finally got it all worked out.

Going through this shit of getting a new roommate for next semester. I would much prefer a single room, but the building they are in is downright scary. And I just love this building and the people here and the neighborhood so much. But that means having a roomie. So, I'm gonna have to get a new one. I just hope it doesn't end up being someone worse. I'm gonna try to get off on the right foot with this one by not doing the things Jeff and I did when moving in.

I also applied to be an RA. Not sure if I really want to or not though. I can always decline the position if I get it. I only wanted to cuz I thought I could have a single room in this building which would've been the perfect solution for me. And housing is free which is also a good thing. But then I learn that you don't get to pick where you live if you are an RA. So, back to the drawing board.

Had to take a short break from typing. I got bogged down as usual with IM's. They seem to come in droves the second I start updating. And today was no different.

I had a demo yesterday. It went pretty well. I got an A-/B+. My new song is from Cabaret. I am excited. I just don't want to have to dress like the emcee. I'm a tad self-conscious.

I had my first taste of Starbucks today. What took me so damn long?! I had a caramel frapuccinno. I know I spelled that wrong...but get off my back. Geez. A friend works at Starbucks and said I can get free stuff if he's working there when I go in. I will have to memorize his work schedule.

I've started saying soda instead of pop. What is happening to me?!

It finally snowed here. It was such a good day. I missed snow. It was great being able to take Hayley out into the snow. She had never seen it before, so it was kinda like I was presenting her with a new experience in her life. It was a great feeling. It is also kinda fun watching all the California kids whine about how cold it is. Wussies. They ain't seen nothin yet.

A few of us are getting together to watch South Park: The Movie tonight. I still haven't seen it and have really been wanting to. Tonight is the night...finally.

I started crying for new real reason in acting today. Well, I guess there was a reason. I'm not sure if I know what the reason is or not. I guess I have some ideas, but who knows if they are the root reason or if there is something deeper at the core? How long will I be here?

Well...I should get going. This entry took over an hour to type cuz of all the people talking to me. Now...if history repeats itself...all of them will stop the second I am done updating. It never fails.

I could really go for a soda right now. ;-)