Time: 7:40 PM EST
TV: No outside distractions...other than Jeff
IM/ICQ: Seth and Dyann
Internet: again...nothing
Quote: "just go ahead and sign out for a dime after 4" -a co-worker (after another one signed out for 4:25 when told to sign out for a quarter after...equating quarter with the monetary value of 25...get it?)
Updated: boots...thanks seth!

Good Morning America was awesome. I got there and it turned out a lot of people were out sick, so I got to be an assistant and work for the show for the day. I got to see the inner workings and everything. Got to yell at stupid people in line and all kinds of cool stuff. It was great.

And Britney was awesome. She was gorgeous and so down to earth. It was a comfort to see that she wasn't a bitch or anything. It's always devastating to find out that someone isn't a good person underneath. I was very impressed with her dancers. I think that now that I have had dance training, I can better appreciate other dancers. I used to just see them dance and think it was awesome. Now I see them dance and I think it is awesome and I admire their excellent turnout ;-)

I think this is the reason I love Footloose so much. I can now actually appreciate the talent on stage more.

A kid here at AMDA was being told by his teacher that he needed to get rid of his eyebrow tension while he sang. Well, apparently he had been told this several times so he decided to simply shave off his eyebrows as a joke. Um...

And another girl and I watched Scream the other night. It was her first time seeing it. Halfway through the movie she perfectly predicted the ending. I was amazed...and also kinda disappointed. I have seen it tons of times and the ended still surprises me. We are planning on watching the sequel soon...maybe tonight. If she guesses the ending again, I think I'll have to cry.

Had a horrible day at work. I was selling books for the first part of the night. Ended up being short on money. So I got written up and had to fill out papers. For the rest of the evening I was on one of the kiosks. And at the end of the night, we were short money there too. The managers think the problem happend during the time I was not working there, but I got written up again anyway and had to fill out more papers. Bear in mind we were short the same amount another one of the kiosks was over....and the same person worked on each at one point in the evening. How hard is it to figure out that they carried some money from one to the other by accident?! No! Let's blame Nick! I swear I am gonna get fired soon.

One good thing did happen though. Every now and then we play games just to liven things up and keep us on our toes and entice us to do better at the job. Well, my kiosk won so I got a free AIDA CD. Yay!

So, then I saw Footloose that night. Big surprise, huh? Turns out I missed seeing Jim as the lead once again...and by one day again. I sometimes think I am never going to get to see it.

Came home and got online only to be forced against my will to go to Kurfew again. I didn't want to go cuz I had had a horrid day at work, was exhausted, and had to work the matinee the next day. But I went cuz I could see I wasn't going to get out of it. At Kurfew, I saw the person I was kinda a bad boy with the last time I was there. I hid the whole time cuz I still haven't returned the phone call and really have no desire to. I suppose I had some sort of fun though, which is what was important. So kids from AMDA were there so it was nice. And some of them were part of a drag show in which one of them lipsynched to a Footloose song. Made my night better.

Obsessed about that show? Who? Me?!

My co-workers always tease me cuz they will come out for break and I will already be over at the theatre checking to see who was on and such.

Today...woke up and helped a friend get her place in line for rush tickets for the show that I have mentioned by name far too much in one entry. Shannon was seeing it today too, so I got to see her. After work I hung out with her and her friend.

Than I came home and got online and checked my email and visited my bookmarks and then came to type this up. How's that for an instant replay of the day?

Seems everyone in my building is changing roomies at semester. Must be something in the paint they use on the wall. The fumes or something.

Well...I am tired and starving so I should get going.

Peace out, homey!

Ok, that's the last time I try to be cool.