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I just know I am gonna get kicked out of school. I was up late Tuesday night dealing with issues with someone and didn't get to bed til after 2:30 in the morning. My first class was at 8, and I of course slept right through it cuz I went to bed so late. Now this wouldn't be quite a problem, except they ended up having a graded performance that day. You can't make those up. This is the same class I missed last time. I'm fucked.

I'm on the hunt for a new roomie. I have decided that I cannot stand Jeff one more moment than I have to. I ask everyone I know if they are looking for a new roomie or if they know someone who is. I am desperate. I need my new one to be someone I know so I am sure I know I can get along with them. If I can't find someone, I am going to be forced to move to the building with single rooms. This isn't something I want to do. I am at a loss. Stay here and be miserable with Jeff? Find a new roomie who may be worse than Jeff? Move to the less than wonderful building so I can have a single room? I just don't know. It wouldn't be so bad, but the deadline is in 4 days.

My plan was to go get standby tickets for Rosie today, but I didn't for two reasons. One was cuz there wasn't anyone I really cared to see on the show today. The other was I was not able to pull myself out of bed that early in the morning. So now I am watching it and thinking that I could be there. Oh well...soon. On a Thursday, at least til my schedule at school changes. I really really wanna do the announce when I go.

So, I wasn't on Rosie today, but I will be on Good Morning America tomorrow. I work with two people who also work at GMA and they can get me in. So, very early tomorrow morning I will have to pull myself out of bed and trek down to Times Square. But it will be worth it cuz I will be in the front row watching Britney Spears and her talented dancers. I'm gonna have to go to GMA more often now that I know my coworkers can get me in!

Speaking of talented dancers...jazz almost killed me yesterday. We got some more of our routine yesterday. It was the part where the girls do a part by themselves and then the guys do a part by themselves. The girls learned their part first and it wasn't too involved. Not that active or energentic, so we guys were like, "ok, we can handle this." So when it comes time to learn our part, we learn differently. He gives us all the jump and punch moves. And then the big part. We go from a standing position to a pushup stance. Then we hop around while in this pushup pose. Then we do these things where we swing our leg around us a few times at rapid speeds. It was brutal. Torture. But I loved every minute of it. My body is really feeling it this morning though. Ow!

Well, I should make some breakfast (I made my first breakfast since moving to NYC yesterday. Looks like I am keeping my resolution somewhat!) and get ready to head out to class today. Gonna try to get to sleep early tonight so I can be sure to get up tomorrow morning and go to GMA.

And to whomever is saying things about me that aren't true...shut the fuck up and mind your own business. Thanks.