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Updated: the millennium (kinda)

Welcome to the year 2000! The date up there looks SO wrong!

I'm glad to see my website was not affected by Y2K. As was everything to my knowledge. So, either we did a damn good job at fixing the problem in time, or there was no problem at all. Not sure which is right.

It's been a long time since I updated. I doubt I will ever remember everything I want and need to say here. But I will try.

Got back late on the 29th. It was the most incredible site seeing Manhattan from a plane at night. It was gorgeous. I never knew Central Park was so big!

Got off the plane, and went to get a cab. Got one and proceeded to sit there while he got out and yelled at the other cab drivers. Welcome back to NY, right?

Got here and found an answering machine machine from the person I met at the club that one night. Still haven't called back yet.

Woke up early the next morning to meet Lindsay for the first time. She is adorably wonderful. I love her. She brought me Ketchup Chips. I have been wanting to try these forever! They were very good I must say. She also gave me some nice holiday gifts. Thanks, Lindsay.

We proceeded to try the RENT lotto for some people who wanted a better chance of winning. Ironically, I start working with the people who do the lotto, and I start winning. Coincidence? Well, I asked and found out. I know the truth about the RENT lotto. I'll never tell though....maybe.

We ended up seeing the matinee for Footloose. It was so weird seeing a show with her. We have talked about shows so much, and now I was seeing one with her. During the show, they were doing test runs with the New Years Ball. It took up so much electrical energy that it caused tachnical difficulties at the show. The sound went out and the performers had to scream. Les Mis had to stop the show til the sound came back.

Um...I'm going to give my New Years story it's own page. I'll skip all of it in here. You can read it by clicking on the lovely little green word....here.

So, we're now in the year 2000. And I awoke to find my picture on the cover of the New York Times. I was in pictures on the internet. I am going to be in an HBO documentary. Was on ABC all day. It was awesome.

Saw Saturday Night Fever with Jules, Rach, and some others. It was an incredible show! The dancing was orgasmic! I hope to be able to dance like that some day. It was cool too, cuz one of the people I was with was video taping the show. It was my job to help hide it. The understudy was on which is the only reason I went. I was sitting with his parents during the show. Very interesting.

I had to work a double shift yesterday. Had to be at work at 10:45. I awoke to find I wasn't even in my own room and it was already 10:10. Took the fastest shower known to man and actually was the first one to work.

Jeff also got home yesterday. I was less than thrilled. I got home only to find his parents were sleeping on my floor. WTF is that about?! I hate him...hate him...hate him. Nuff said there. Since his parents were there, I stayed with the divine Hayley.

Classes started again today. Ugh. I hate school...a lot.

I got hit on three times last night....kinda.

Person A came with a friend of mine and we talked for a bit. Next day I learn that they were talking about me all night. How cute is that!

Person B kept standing at my kiosk at work and smiling at me. As B left the theatre, I was kept within site the entire time. Later, B came back and asked me to go out for coffee. I explained I couldn't cuz I wouldn't get out of there til late. B was leaving early the next day to go back home to Australia. So, B left. After work, I leave, and B is standing across the street waiting for me. Um...creepy.

Person C is a coworker who I could tell liked me. They finally told me though and looked like they were going to try to kiss me. A tad awkward.

Since when did I become attractive?!

Well...I think that is substantial enough for an update.