Time: 8:50 PM EST
Music: AIDA
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Quote: "Today is my grandma's 16th birthday." -a classmate (isn't leap year crazy)
Fun Link: A bike Ad (note the seat)

Happy Leap Day!

Well, Jeff is officially gone. I love my room now. I feel so free...and happy. I can sleep nude if I want to. I can walk around freely. I have privacy. I took pictures of my first night of freedom. That is just how monumrntal it was.

Jeff's mom was a bitch to me. Basically accused me of everything. I smiled and nodded. My subtext: Shut the fuck up and let me go eat.

Back in the room, Jeff physically shoved me out of his way. Gee, a little pent up hositility maybe? I hear masturbation can help relieve some of that frustration. Try it sometime.

Saw Aida this weekend. I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was. It has to be the best thing I've ever seen on a stage. It was phenomenal. The talent and passion on that stage gave me shivers. I see definite Tony Awards on that stage. I will most definitely be going back and taking friends with me. Possibly even seeing opening night which would kick my ass!

Sara E and I caused havoc in the AOL Chatrooms last night. It was the funniest. Be sure to check out her guestbook entry on this site. She is hilarious. We are tossing around the idea of having her move in with me. We need to decide soon though cuz I met the guy they want to put with me. Prospects with him look dismal at best.

I am the worst when it comes to procrastination. So bad.

Went out for Chinese food tonight. I love chopsticks. They are so fun. I feel so uppity when I use them too. Like using chopsticks makes me some cultured, high class citizen. Whatever. I'm disillusioned.

Marc, if you EVER tell anyone what I did, I swear you will live to regret everything you've ever done. And that is a promise. Take that to the bank and deposit it in the threat account. :)

I was told recently that this diary is like a book that doesn't have an ending. For some reason, that phrase made me smile. Even if the person meant it as an insult (which they didn't) I don't care. I liked it and that's what is important. I'm like my own little soap opera.

Today someone was saying how they thought a classmate of mine who is from Estonia was from "oh...someplace like Iowa." Then they turned to me and said "...and you look like you're from....oh,....the south or the west." We all pissed our pants from laughter when I told them I was from Iowa. It wasn't really all that funny, but you know how things can be really funny at the time, especially ironic things like that. Ok, that was totally pointless. Don't know why I even told ya about it.

Sometimes I think I suffer from the opposite of writer's block. Does the opposite of writer's block even have a name? It would be something like writer's diarreah. Well, sometimes I think I have writer's diarreah cuz I just write about things for the sake of writing about them. They aren't even important. I just write write write anyway. Perfect example: this paragraph.

Oh yeah, here's the clock I mentioned getting. I love it!

Opened my window this morning to check the weather only to find a man staring back at me. They were washing the windows on my building and they were lowering down to the ground and I opened the shades at the moment they were at my window. It scared me to death! It was so funny!

Only a week and half til my family comes to visit me! One sad thing though, they can't bring Mikala. Well, they could, but then we wouldn't be able to do as many things if she was here, ya know. We can't take her to shows or anything. And it would be a hassle. But I am really sad I don't get to see her. I adore her so much and miss her tons. I wish she could come.

Is there enough purple in your life?