Time: 11:09 PM EST
Music: No outside distractions
IM/ICQ: random people
Internet: not on my computer so i don't have my beloved favorites
Quote: "Bitch!" -The Ouija Board (said repetedly whenever heather would ask a question)
Fun Link: Things to do at Wal-Mart while the spouse is taking his/her sweet time! (i miss wal-mart)

Here I am, hiding out for the weekend. Jeff and his parents are moving him out of the room this weekend and I don't want to be anywhere near them while they are doing it. So, I am camping out in Kat and Keri's room all weekend.

Found out that Jeff or his mother is lieing and telling my mother that I say nasty things about her. WTF is that about?!

So yeah, he's moving out. I know I should feel "victorious" or whatever, but I don't. I feel somewhat defeated actually. It either means that he was the problem...or I was. And now they are going to ship some new person whom I don't know in to be my new roommate. Meanwhile, three other people...I mean four...get to have single rooms in this building. Wait. Make that six.

So, to cheer me up, I got my clock in the mail from eBay finally. I have been waiting patiently for weeks now. Care to see it? If I remember, I'll post a picture of it in my next entry for you to see.

Last night was the worst night at work. So many rude people and all of them wanted service first and all wanted priority over everyone else. We even had one person trying to steal from us. In all the hubbub, we lost the company $105 dollars.

On the bright side of life, Mom and Jan are coming to visit in exactly two weeks. I can't believe it took me so long to mention that. Yeah, they're going to be here, and I am going to jump back into the closet for the weekend as my sister does not know. At least to my knowledge she doesn't.

We have lots of great stuff planned...which of course means as many shows as can possibly be fit into the 5 days they are going to be here. I will of course be taking them to Foot so they can see it and meet Jim, who will coincidentally be celebrating a birthday the night we go. I need gift ideas. Anyone?

We played with the Ouija board tonight. It was fun. No real supernatural events took place. All we got was some spirit who hates all of us and likes to say "fuck you." That's all. Just like any other Friday night, right? ;-)

This is going to be a FULL weekend. I work a double shift tomorrow, and then the matinee on Sunday. I also have to read a script, watch a video, listen to a tape, fill out a character analysis, learn a song, learn some Shakespeare, etc... I don't think there are enough hours in a month to get all of that done.

AIDA had opening preview tonight. A few of my friends and some fellow employees work there. Hope tonight went smoothly for all of you and that you will come back to Beauty soon. We miss you.

I forgot what I was going to say, but I am getting a nice backrub, so I don't care :)

I kinda want to go upstairs to my room to see if they are there or not or what's going on, but I really don't want to have to see them or talk to them, or listen to them, or look at them, or smell them (they're from Michigan. they obviously stink. *wink*), or touch them, or-- I ran out of things to say.

I spent $20 at the library today. AMDA was in the thesaurus I looked in today. It means the same thing as money hogging bastards. Of course, I will get $15 of it back when I turn in the materials on Monday, but I am a college kid living in NYC. To me, $15 is the equivilent of a million dollars. And I need to buy a new MetroCard tomorrow too.

It's late and I have to work a double shift tomorrow, so I should get going.

Bye, Jeff :)