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Quote: "I don't think I could ever raise a family here in McDonalds." -Bre (she meant to say New York City but said McD's instead cuz we were eating there at the time)
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So, la dee da.

I sense a recurring theme in my entries lately. Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff. It goes against everything I believe in even to mention his name cuz there is no such thing as bad press and he doesn't deserve the attention. But anyway...

I got off the elevator of the building last night cuz Kat and I were going to call and have McDonalds deliver. We're just too lazy to walk two blocks to get it ourselves. But back to the story. I get off the elevator and my RA informs me that my roomie is moving out. This takes me by surprise for several reasons. It's rather sudden and out of the blue. It seems odd that Jeff would suddenly change his mind and move out. It seems even more odd that AMDA would get off their asses and take action and kick him out, which is what should've happened weeks (by weeks i mean months) ago. And none of his stuff seems to have been packed and there shows no signs of him preparing to pack. However, today, the head of housing saw me in the hall and told me to stop in tomorrow and see him to talk about recent developments. So, maybe something has happened. But since Jeff doesn't appear to be moving out, maybe the info I got was wrong, and nothing has happened. I just don't know but I am very on edge about it.

I am getting a cold sore on my upper lip. It looks pretty nasty. Gee, what a segue, huh!

More Murphy's Law of Footloose going on today. Jim went on as the lead for the matinee today and I didn't get to see it cuz of classes. And he's not going on as the lead tonight which is when I could've gone. What is with my damn fucking luck?! I think there is a conspiracy against me. I really do.

Back to Jeff...

His mother called me last week. I forgot to mention that. She called to console me and to let me know her son isn't the ogre I think he is. And did I forget to mention she lied out of her ass the entire time? She also eluded to the fact that her and her husband (that would be Jeff's dad...unless there is some weird family secret that I don't know about) would be spending the night either in March or May (all I remember is the month started with an M). This means housing contract will be broken yet again. So, if he is still living here and they spend the night, it will be less than 4 seconds until I am on the phone with housing informing them of it. Maybe then they will finally kick his ass out.

I have also started doing things to annoy him. I changed the wallpaper on my computer from one of his beloved choices to something that would piss him off...or at least annoy him. And I changed my screen saver to say "Stop changing my damn screen saver and get off MY computer. Thanks and have a nice day. :-|" I am so vicious.

Mom just came online and said she had a message from Jeff's mom to call her. Hmm. Something is definitely going down. I just hope it's not me. I am getting scared.

Just got bombarded with IM's so I think I'll go now.

And once more for good measure.....