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Geez. I neglected this for almost a week. Oy. There is no way in hell I can recap everything that happened, so I'll just touch on the biggies.

More Jeff trauma. He still hasn't gone to housing to discuss the matter. They are just as pissed with him as I am. Got to the point where I volunteered to move out. But the available rooms were not fit for human life. I decided to hold my ground here. I am not going without a fight though. I removed AOL from the computer and put it on a disk. This way, Jeff is now internet-less. Aww. Poor fucking Jeff.

I did get to see Chicago like I had planned. I was first in line for the tickets. I went with Jim. It was very weird seeing a show and having him sitting next to me instead of him being up on stage. It was great though. We had our usual drink of Chai Tea before the show. A fun night. We went shopping for sheet music afterward. I can't get over how great of a guy he is.

Um, I broke the law since last updating. Now...any of you from back home read this still? If so, you must never speak of word of what follows to my mother!

The other day I went out and bought a fake ID. I have no idea what prompted me to do it. I guess I had been considering it for awhile, and a talk I had with someone helped me kinda decide. Keep in mind please that a fake ID does not mean that I drink. It only means I can go into a bar and such. Drinking is another story entirely.

It cost me $30 which isn't bad I suppose. I was so scared to get it though. I saw a place I assumed sold them so I went up to the counter and asked for an ID. I payed and was lead outside to this other place where I picked the one I wanted and had my picture taken, and filled out my fake address and such. Withing minutes, I was a 21-year-old Nick from Philly.

Only hours after getting the ID, it was put to the test. We needed to get some alcohol for Tara's going away party. She didn't have an ID, so I had to use mine. It would've been a calm experience for me, except there was a cop standing at the cash register talking to the guy working there. Trauma!

He looked at the ID suspiciously, but accepted it. We got the alcohol and got out of that deli faster than you can imagine. It was such a rush!

Tara's party was awesome! We watched our movie and it was hilarious! Everyone did such a great job on it. I miss Tara already. Best of luck on your tour! Hope to see you soon, Pippi! :)

Ok, nothing TOO monumental except for those things. Oh, Hayley couldn't get my family (did I mention they are coming to visit me? if not, that will be talked about later) the Lion King tickets. Oh well. We'll just find a new show to see.

After almost two decades, Cats is closing. Wow. Broadway will not be the same. I'm not a huge fan or anything, but wow. This has been one long show and even though it is time (past due) for it to close, it will be kinda sad. I certainly want to go to the closing show. That will be one the most famous performances in history. The final show of the longest running Broadway musical. I wouldn't miss that for the world!

So....la dee da.

I think I've picked up on the main points of the week.

It's late and I have some Shakespeare to learn by tomorrow morning, so I should get off this box. I'll try to be more frequent in my updates from now on.

Oh...congrats to Samm for his fine performance on Saturday Night Live last night! :)