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Quote: "My goal is to sleep with every male cast member here by the time I leave." -Keith (no, he doesn't mean it. maybe)
Fun Link: The Bitch Test (i was 44%)

Happy Valentine's Day to all those romantics out there.

Been awhile since I updated. I apologize for the delay.

Not much new and exciting happened during my absence though. I saw Foot again...twice. Go figure, huh.

I did see Sliding Doors which I had mentioned wanting to see. I also rented Waiting For Guffman which has to be one of the funniest movies I have seen in quite some time. I've watched it four times already. It's so hilarious. In fact, we decided to make a parody of it at work. I filmed some of my scenes last night. Tara is the mastermind behind our parody acting as director, cinematographer, and editor. She is a woman of many skills.

Seth, who I adore more now that ever, hooked me up with a video that is providing me with a lot of entertainment. But even more importantly, he fixed my scanner. It now works! So, look for a plethora of visual stimuli coming soon. And if you enjoy what you see, thank Seth.

What else is new?

Oh yes, today is the first day of my second semester. I am now an AMDA sophomore. I learned today that sophomore means "wise fool" or something to that effect. That would be me!

I'm interested in meeting some of the freshmen. Seeing who they are and what they are like. Haven't seen any yet.

I am now no longer an F1. I am an F2. Big change there, huh! I am so proud of myself though. I got moved up a level in two of my dance classes. It's such a confidence boost to know that they (people working professionally) think I have the skills and talent to move up a level. And besides, now my jazz routines will be even cooler! :)

I am still with the exact same kids in my class, minus three who got shifted. I am kinda glad about this, but kinda not. I am glad cuz now I don't have to go through the whole process of letting down my defenses with a new group. These people know me and I don't need to be afraid of being uninhibited with them. I've already let my guard down. But then again, it would be really nice to get to know and see a group of new people and learn from them and what they do.

Jeff has done it again. Come home from work last night and he had gotten back from being home for break. Walk in the room and there is a little mat on the floor and his dad is spending the night. That makes four times he has had overnight guests which is against housing contract. Why is his ass still in my room?!

My mood all week without him here was stupendous. Now, I am so depressed again.

Just got a call from the head of housing while I was typing those last few paragraphs. Jeff is supposed to call him. Hmmm. Something in the works maybe? Hoping and praying.

So what else is new in the old Life of Nick?

Possibly seeing Bebe in Chicago tomorrow. Went down to the theatre to make sure there is a show so the same doesn't happen that happened last time. He said there was one, so...we'll see if there really is or not. I have such a hard time trusting people anymore. It really gets in the way. I'm sure it has to do with a flaw in my attitude, but I don't know how to help correct it. Anyone?

Ok. Signing off now. Got to get to tap class so I can get a headache.

Do you want some piss in the face?