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I just woke up and it's after two. I love vacations. Of course, I also feel bad when I sleep in so late. I feel as if I've wasted the day spending it in bed. Not there was really anything I wanted to do today, but I still feel as if I lost a lot of time.

Jeff is supposed to be getting back in the next few days. Not sure when exactly. He could show up at any minute. I don't like this. I like knowing when something bad is going to happen. Not just knowing it is going to happen in the next few days sometime. Of course, I keep telling myself that once he gets here, he has to talk to housing and then will be kicked out of the room, but I have to keep telling myself that he may not have to move. If he doesn't have to leave this room, heads will roll.

My days are all jumbled together. One bad side effect of being on vacation. I can't tell what day of the week it is.

I've done nothing worth talking about since my last update. So, why am I updating? Good question.

They have put some of that scaffolding crap up outside my building. I'm not happy about that. Now my building looks ugly. But, if it means fixing the building and not having it fall over, I soppose I'll deal.

I'm really proud of the work I've gotten done recently on my Jim site. I got a huge interview transcribed from audio cassette to the computer which took forever. I also stumbled across some pictures of Jim from when he was in his mid-teens. I still don't know how I was lucky enough to find those. And luckily, he thinks they're great too.

I think I've noticed something about myself that's changed since moving here. Before I moved here, it took me forever to get over a crush I had on someone. I would pine for them for the longest time, always holding on to the smallest shread of hope that they would like me back. But lately, my crushes come...and soon enough (well, soon compared to how long it used to take) they dwindle away. But I have to ask myself if they really dwindle away, or if I subconciously pretend they have. Because every now and then something will happen and all those feelings I have come rushing back until I can bury them again. Do those feelings ever really go away at all? Don't get me wrong, I love the feelings of happiness and nervousness, and awkwardness the give me, but they always end in my feeling stupid, inadequate, and unloved. Why does love and anything remotely close to it always have to feel like this?

My room is so organized now. Yay!