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Quote: "Yeah, uh huh, sure. The wind can turn a door knob." -some random person in the movie theatre (wow, talented wind ya got there)
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Why am I up so damn early?!

I am really enjoying this weeklong break from classes. I am getting to stay up late, sleep in late, and do things I normally don't get to do. It's great.

I am also spending way more money than I am taking in. This isn't so great.

I've realized that this diary, and always having to update it, make me realize all of the things I actually do during the day. But once it comes down to updating, I can't remember a damn thing til I go back and really really think about it.

So, I know none of you care about my deep thoughts, so I'll get onto the meat of the entry.

I haven't done tons of exciting stuff, but then again, a lot of the things I do aren't exciting. I slept in a lot. I had forgotten how great it was.

I got in the fridge and got out my milk only to discover it had expired. It was beyond expiring though. I had never seen anything like it. The container was bloated and about to explode, the liquid inside was clearish, and there was a giant block of solid white stuff floating in it. Yum. Got milk?

Yesterday was awesome. Rachel, Mindy, Tara, and myself had our own little outing. We went ice skating at Rockefeller Center first. We were to meet at 2, and I didn't even get out of bed until 1. I actually got there on time though. I had only been ice skating once before in my life, and only for about ten minutes, so I was expecting a seriously wet ass.

Aside from slightly aching ankels, it was a success. I didn't fall once. Must be that dancer sense of balance that I have, right? The best part of the whole ice skating experience was when Tara decided to do an impromptu figure skating routine. She took her opening pose and did this very juvenile looking dance and skate routine with flailing arms and kicking feet. Her big finale left her laying on the ice in a dramatic pose. And the entire time everyone was watching. EVERYONE. The funniest thing about it was how she was acting as if she was a wonderful skater who knew exactly what she doing.

After skating, we decided to grab a bite to eat. We went to TGIFridays. I told them how I applied there for a job and we got to thinking how if I had gotten that job, I never would've met any of them until they had come in to eat there after they went skating at Rockefeller. It got me to thinking about how everything effects your life so much. Even the smallest little thing that seems so insignificant could be the thing that changes your life the most. I really want to see the movie Sliding Doors which also deals with this topic. Maybe during my break from school I can rent it.

After eating, we went to see Scream 3. I have been desperate to see all three of these movies ever since I knew that there were going to be three of them. I'm a big fan of the Scream movies. I won't say anything about the plot or outcome of 3 since I know that would piss me off seriously if someone ruined it for me.

Woke up before the sun this morning so I could get rush tickets for Chicago cuz I was going to go to it tonight with a friend. Got all the way down there and a sign in posted saying that tonight's performance has been cancelled. Gee, wonderful.

So here I am, awake at this horrid hour, living on less than three hours of sleep. I think a nap is a great idea. More room cleaning perhaps. It is coming along well. Except that I need to hang some things on the wall, but whenever I start to put a nail in the wall, the neighbors start pounding back at me. Maybe they wouldn't be so against me pounding if I wasn't doing it at 1:30 in the morning? Perhaps.

And, Keith, thank you for helping me the other night. Your words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.