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Quote: "I can see a woman with nice shoes and a nice coat on and find her attractive. That doesn't mean that I want her sexually. It just means I appreciate her and maybe want to wear her shoes and coat." -Samm (makes sense to me)
Updates: Tons all over

I haven't written forever, and tons has happened, so I am going to do a very brief and undetailed play by play.

I don't even remember where I left off.


I'm no longer a first semester student here at AMDA. I am finished with finals and am now a second semester student. I am on a week long break though and am loving it.

I went through SO much truama this past week though. I came home to find Jeff watching a movie with a friend. He then informs me that this friend is going to be staying with us...for a few days. I was livid. This is the third time he's had overnight guests without my permission. So....I turned him in. He broke housing contract by doing it and may be kicked out of housing altogether, but that won't happen til he gets back from being home over break.

AMDA admin is so fucked up. Got to the point where I was literally swearing at them. It felt good.

But I was going through so much stress from school and stress cuz of the problems Jeff is causing and everything that I broke down and spent 20 minutes right before my final in a practice room crying. Gee, life is grand.

I have had so many people randomly talk to me online this week. 90% of them were people wanting info about AMDA. It felt good to help them. One person randomly started talking to me and it ended up he lives two floors below me. How weird! Such a small world!

I am forgetting everything I wanted to write about.

I got an A in acting. Yay for that.

Kat's birthday was fun. Keri and I bought a cake and decorated the room with balloons and streamers. We had fun. We did mini-facials.

I took Rachel to see Foot. I always love taking people to see it for the first time. She enjoyed...or so she says. I think she did though.

Then all of the B+B employess went to have a party at Jorge's. Turns out they all read this diary now. It is kinda flattering...but also kinda weird feeling. Now I can't talk about them (not like I planned on it or anything, but ya know) without them finding out.

Turns out they ALL want me to mention them in here. I am thinking about purposely never mentioning them in here just to be mean. How you like them apples, guys? Huh?! ;-)

Well, at the party, I was getting hit on by a few of them, but they claim it was just so that I would talk about them on this site. People are using their sexuality to get internet publicity now? What is this world coming to. Why can't people hit on me for the sake of my dashing good looks? Or my worldly charm? Or my wit and humor? Oh wait, I remember. I have none of those.

I was meeting Shannon the next day and didn't know what time I was to meet her, so I needed to get home to check my email to find out. However, the party was in Harlem and I had no idea how to get home. Everyone who did know was spending the night, so I was stuck there til the morning.

Got up at about 9:15, got home at about 10, found out I had to meet Shannon at 11. Oy. So little time to relax.

Meet Shannon and make our way to Wrong Mountain to get our tickets for the closing show. Then down to Astor to get our tickets for Daphne's new show, Two Sisters and a Piano. Can't decide if I liked it or not. Possibly cuz I slept through a lot of the first act?

Then went to eat. Foot cast members all over the restaurant.

Then we visited Jim before heading over to WM. Off to the show. Again, can't decide if I really loved it, or really liked it. It had some very funny moments though. A lot of it was good, just a few slow spots. The giant worm flying out of the table was...um...interesting.

Finally got back home and had a chance to sit and relax. It feels so good to take a breather. I am so exhausted and I didn't go straight to bed why?! Good question.

Oh yeah, there is a mouse in my room. I saw him yesterday. Gee, just what I fucking need.