Time: 7:03 PM CST
TV: Walt Disney World's Very Merry Christmas Parade
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Quote: "Merry Christmas to all...and to all a good night" -Santa (i had to use this one)
Updated: lots

Well...I am home! However, I can't honestly say that I feel home. It's a very weird feeling. But let me start at the beginning.

Did not go to bed the night before my flight. I was up packing and making final arrangements. Barely got everything packed. Went to Kat's room at 2 am and at 4, our shuttle picked us up and took us to Laguardia. It was a weird feeling leaving Manhattan. Felt almost as if I wasn't going to see some of those places again. Kinda unsettling. Got to the airport and Kat was able to get a seat next to mine. Yay! Didn't do much good though, cuz I was one tired puppy and slept.

Changed planes in Chicago. Never go through this airport if you don't have to. I had NO time to get all the way across the airport. Very stressful. But I made it. Again...slept.

It was such a surreal feeling as we approached Des Moines. I could see some buildings that I recognized and got this deep, intense feeling of comfort. I held back tears, but I wanted to cry. I was also pleased to see snow. I love snow. There had been none in NYC. Just rain.

Got off the plane expecting to see Mom waiting for me at the gate. Nope. Not there. I thought maybe she ran to the bathroom, so I went and waited there a few minutes. Nope. Not there. I called her cell phone from a payphone. Not turned on. So, I decided to just go get my backage before someone stole it. Found Mom at the security checkpoint. Apparently, they were not letting anyone who wasn't a passenger past that point for security reasons. We hugged and left to get my suitcase. Got it, and got in the car. First words she said to me: "You look good." Well, duh Mom! ;-)

Drove to Centerville. Seemed to take forever! But finally we passed through the city limits. Everything seemed so....different, yet exactly the same. I can't describe it, not even to myself.

The house was the same way. Exactly the same as before, but no where near the same. I did not feel as if I was home. But yet I knew I was. Smudge seemed as happy to see me as I was to see her again. We shared a moment together.

I went to the school to visit old teachers and friends. I was treated like a celebrity. Everyone was so happy to see me, which made me feel good. Nice to know you aren't forgotten just cuz you leave.

Came home and took a much needed nap. MUCH needed.

Woke up to the most wonderful site. Mikala was standing next to the couch just looking at me. Just watching me sleep. It is bringing tears to my eyes recalling it right now. She looked so beautiful. Like a little angel. Just watching over me. Making sure I was ok. I had missed her so much. I had been so scared she would forget me. But she didn't.

Had a nice evening getting reaquainted with everyone. But it was also kinda bad feeling. I'll try to explain it. It seemed kinda like the past two months didn't happen for me, but did for them. Kinda like I've been in a time warp and have missed out on the past two months that everyone else has shared. It felt like I had so much catching up to do, but would forever continue to fall behind.

But I guess we all pay a price to make our dreams come true.

Jump to last night.

Exchanged gifts with my family. They all LOVED the things I got for them, and I loved my gifts. Here's a rundown of what I got them. I got Mikala some Disney (gotta be faithful to the employer) movies, a Scooby Doo (she loves him) lightswitch cover and a plush. I got Jan a book she wanted, this art deco lamp, but it uses a candle, and a gold bracelet. Mom got a book full of incredible nyc pictures and quotes (i hope to use them in the diary section possibly), a crystal dish, and a snowglobe with the nyc skyline in it. Smudge got some treats.

I got a Brita water filter which is good cuz now I won't die drinking the nyc water. Some Cd's, movie, clothes of course. The biggie was a webcam.

***Disclaimer - Youngins should not read beyond this point***

Mom gave Mikala a bath while Jan and I went to her place to get the stuff from Santa. This was my first time ever taking part in the Santa ritual. It felt like I was now part of some club, a special club I was now allowed to be a part of and see the inner workings of. I felt so stealth sneaking around and sneaking gifts into the house. After Mikala went to bed, we put them up next to her stocking and also played with them a little. Hey, we're all kids at heart. Mom was putting out my Santa stuff while I did Mikala's. It was kinda funny. Then Mom and Jan went to bed too. Then the real fun began. I snuck into my room and got the three white stuffed bears with nyc skylines on their tummies from my room and went and put them in everyone's stocking. This was a Santa gift that was all mine. Nobody knew about them at all. I felt so good inside knowing I was doing something special for everyone. I really did feel the spirit of Santa in me.

***Kids can read again***

Woke up to see what Santa had left us. My top prize turned out to be a scanner. WOO! I am so looking forward to putting this one to good use. This and the webcam should make the site more exciting, dontcha think? Jeff will NOT be using either of them. I'm looking forward to putting them to a lot of use. No nudity will be done with the webcam...unless you send me some cash first. ;-)

Spent the day just relaxing. I have eaten SO much since getting home. I feel sick cuz I've eaten so much.

Partaking in a holiday tradition right now. Every Christmas I watch the Disney World Parade. It seems odd though cuz this year it is on in the evening and not in the early morning hours. And it doesn't have the normal hosts, and they didn't have a big opening production number. But, I guess if I've learned anything, it's that everything changes. Everything.

Tomorrow night some friends are coming over to have a little party. It should be fun. Then Monday I may be going to Ames to visit people up there. Possibly spend the night. Then on Wednesday, I go back. I really am not sure I want to go back to NY. I want to stay here. I love it here to much. I don't know if I can handle having to leave again.

I have a feeling this entry was a tad on the long side, so I shall end it now.

Merry Christmas everyone.