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Ever been SO happy...like really happy deep down inside and not know why? And you kinda feel like crying cuz you're so happy? I suddenly felt that way tonight. I think it's cuz I am listening to Christmas songs for the first time this year. I just feel so wonderful right now.

Free plug for Rosie: this CD is awesome. Go buy it now.

So, I went to see Cats as I had stated in the previous entry. I was expecting to hate it. But, I found myself pretty much entertained for the most part. There were a few spots of boredome, but overall, I found it to be an entertaining show. And I am sure it helped that I was sitting onstage. The kitties payed special attention to me. One of them is a teacher at AMDA. Pretty neat.

While the usher was taking me to my seat, we discovered we were both AMDA related. Me a student, and the usher had graduated. Later, another usher came to me and asked if I was the AMDA kid. I said I was and then she handed me a piece of paper and said "Your ushed wanted me to give this to you." I looked at it, and it was the usher's phone number. Go Nick! I don't plan on using it, but hey, still made me feel good.

Spent the day with Jules and Rachel yesterday. Met Jules at Juilliard and then Rach showed up. Ate lunch. Went shopping. Jules needed to get something from the Disney Store, so I bought it using my discount for her. Aren't I nice? ;-)

They went shopping at Tower and Pottery Barn real quick and then we split. I did laundry and then met back up with Jules, gave her some of Rach's stuff I had and then headed off to work.

After work, met up with Erin (who turned 19 that day) and went to Kurfew. Kurfew is a club here in the city. It was the first club I had been to before. Kinda nervous as to what expect. Even more nervous when I had to be frisked before entering.

The Jekyll portion of my personality left me that night and Hyde took over. I went wild. No drugs or drinking, just personality wise. I went nuts. Had a blast. I won't go into detail as to what exactly happened at the club, cuz that's nobody's business. (random quote popped into my head: "It's my body, and my business. Nobody's business but my own." -The Life) I left the club with a phone number though. That's two in only two nights. Go Nick!

Got home at 5 am. Had to wake up at 9 to go to work. After work, I went to see Jim one last time before leaving for the holidays. I gave him his gift. He seemed to be very touched after I explained to him why I got him a gift. And he seemed to LOVE the gift. I certainly hope he did and wasn't just pretending to like it. He asked for my phone number which kinda threw me for a loop. He needs it cuz he has promised (and I will hold him to it) to let me know the next time he is performing the lead role in the show cuz I ALWAYS miss it. He's gone on so much lately and I've missed every one. But I got a tape of it thanks to Jules, so I am somewhat satisfied.

I am getting so very excited about going home in a few days. Sleeping in my own bed...playing with my dog...seeing my friends...spending time with my family...getting to drive again! I know the week will go by so fast though. I will now leave you with my favorite showing of the Christmas spirit I found this year. This is a true story. Names have not been changed.

Kat is a friend here at AMDA. She was not expecting to have a good holiday, because she wasn't going to be able to go home for Christmas. Everything holiday related only reminded her of this and brought her to tears. Her holiday was looking like it was going to be the worst ever. However, secretly, her classmates got together and each donated some money and purchased her a plane ticket home for the holiday. They surprised her with it and because of their kind generosity, she will be able to spend the holiday back home with her family.

Is that not the sweetest thing in the world! Things like that remind me of the good in the world. Something hard to find in this city. Something that almost forced me to leave and give up all of my dreams. But, fortunately, I found some good, and so I didn't abandon my dream and am still here in this incredible city with my whole future at my feet. Thank you. You know who you are. :-)

In case I don't get a chance to update again this year (although I am sure I will) I will wish you all the happiest of holidays now. May the new year find you and yours in good health and spirits. Merry Christmas!