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Quote: "Think of things that make you happy. Candy canes...drugs..." -a ballet and theatre dance teacher who we often joke about how we know she uses drugs (telling us a way to make sure we look happy while dancing)

Oh I am sooo happy! If you notice, I mentioned I am watching TV in my header. Yes. I FINALLY got the TV to work! It wasn't working cuz Jeff is an incompetant fool who can't figure out how to wipe his own ass. But I got it to work, so ha! I hadn't seen TV in over two months so I was having orgasms watching Regis this morning. The reception sucks and we have to do limbo under the antennas, but it's worth it!

Only a few more days til I get to go home! I am so excited. It hasn't snowed here at all, and it has in Iowa, so I am excited to get home to it. You don't even know it is Christmas here. It doesn't look that way at all. So, last night I went down to Rockefeller Center to see the tree and the ice skaters. It helped kinda.

Seeing the tree did something else though. It made me stop and take stock for a moment. I suddenly (and perhaps for the first time) actually realized that I am living in NYC. I've heard others talk about this happening to them, but never really knew what they meant. And now that it has happened to me, I can't explain it well, but it was an incredible feeling. I hope to find it again someday.

I am seeing Cats tonight. What in the fuck am I thinking?! I hate this show so much. The movie makes me want to shoot myself. Why am I subjecting myself to this? I am sitting on the stage. Yes, ON the stage. The kitties play with you during the show. This may be the only redeeming factor. Of course, I will have to pretend to be having the time of my life cuz the audience be able to see me. If the little kitties aren't good, I may just have to take out my pocket knife and neuter them.

I'm finally getting over my illness. I've been sick and have had no voice this week. I think I got it from rushing for Footloose this past weekend. But it was good, cuz I got out of having to participate a lot in classes. Of course, I also missed one of those classes cuz I overslept. Oooops.

I saw Liza Minnelli in Minnelli on Minnelli the other night. It was a really good show. It was very sentimental and poignant. Waited at the stage door to get an autograph. We had to give our things to this man and he took them in to get signed. We got them back after the had been signed. A long while later she came out with her posse. There was one man whose job was to carry her dog. I wonder how much he gets paid for that.

I totally up my total money spent on Christmas gifts this year. It came to approximately $250. Why did I spend so much?! I think it is cuz I want to be able to go home and have my mom see that I can do things on my own and be proud of me. But spending that much money was not the way to do it, methinks. Too late now.

I have become re-obsessed with The Chronicles of Narnia. They are to me as Star Wars is to people who love those movies. I remember when I first read them, I wanted to be able to go to Narnia. And I have started to read them again, and I again am having those feelings of magic. I love those stories so much. I have learned recently that there are movies. It is now my mission to get my hands on them.

Some people are funny. Not really funny, but just so absurd (in a bad way) that all you can do is laugh. Whatever.

Home in a few days! Yay!