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Quote: "Then why don't you wipe your ass with it." -a coworker (mumbled under her breath after being told there was ONE shirt that wasn't folded perfectly)
Fun Link: Two pics to get you in the holiday spirit. (One and Two)

What a long weekend, but yet so short.

Let me vent about AMDA real quick. Ok, it appears we will be shot and be sent to AMDA hell if we applaud for someone. We clap and get yelled at. WTF is that?! Heaven-fuckin-forbid we show our classmates some support! I do NOT understand the big deal. It pisses me off. Anyway...

Ok, my weekend.

I was going to rush for Footloose Saturday. I was planning on arriving at 10. I was told it could be busy though, so I decided to be safe and get there early. I got there at 7. It was bitterly cold. There was one point in time I was almost crying it was so cold. But I was first in line, which meant I was guaranteed a ticket. The second person didn't show up til after 9. They didn't even leave their home in New Jersey (an entirely different state) til after I had gotten in line. And at 11 when tickets went on sale, there were 5 people in line. I sat there in that weather for 4 hours for nothing! And I am now sick because of it.

But that's not the end of the story...

So, I buy the tickets and go to get my companion for the afternoon, Bri. We get to the theatre and I see that Jim is not on for that show. I was devastated. All that waiting and then he wasn't on. :-(

So, then after the show I go to work and face problems. I was origially scheduled to work that matinee AND evening. But I had talked with a coworker about him working the mat for me. I thought we had agreed. Apparently, he didn't. Neither of us showed up for it. So I was in trouble. Oy. but the mood was lightened by a funny verbal exchange over break. It was about how the champange bottles during "Be Our Guest" shoot steam now instead of fireworks like they used to. It went something like this:

Employee #1: Yeah, but the tour still uses fireworks.
Employee #2: I like the steam better though.
Me: Yeah, me too.
#2: Yeah. It's more realistic.
Employee #3: Umm...this is Beauty and the Beast. There are talking teapots.

Maybe it's only funny if you were there. Or maybe you have no sense of humor.

Then Sunday I go into work and the main boss all the way from Burbank was there so everything had to be perfection. Stress.

Then I met up with Shannon who had seen Footloose (with Jim of course cuz it's only me who has bad luck) that afternoon. But she got pics for the site. I got to talk to Jim before the evening show though. Found out he was not at the show I was at cuz he injured himself. He had been doing the lead for three shows in a row and pulled a muscle. WTF?! He NEVER goes on as that character and he finally does it three times in a row and I miss it by ONE day?! Why are the gods out to make my life hell?!

We came back to my room to get ready to go to Carolines. She knew someone performing and was able to snag some free tickets. She took me as her date. Thanks, Shannon!

It was great. The guy she knew had an awesome voice and the comedian was very amusing. My favorite part of the show was his Carol Channing impression. I love anyone who does a good Carol.

After the show, we dealt with subway issues and got Shannon to her train home. I came home and crashed.

Got another gift purchased. I only have one (possibly two) more to get. And I also need to find a way to get them all home. That's gonna be quite a stunt.

Wow, there were a lot of links in this one!