Time: 10:40 AM EST
Music: Titanic (the show, not the damn movie)
IM/ICQ: None!
Internet: nothin
Quote: "we don't applaud!." -the musical theatre head at AMDA (umm....why the fuck not?! what happened to showing support for your classmates?! wtf?!)

So, two midterms yesterday. One sucked...one was ok. The musical theatre one made me want to cry. I had to sing my song for the head of the department. This is the song I previously got a perfect score on. This time, I just could not focus on being in the song. I was boring myself; I can't even imagine how bored all of the audience was. I was up there thinking such profound thoughts as "doot doo doo" the whole time. I'm expecting a less than wonderful grade on it.

However, jazz midterm was another story. I think I did a pretty good job on it. And even if I didn't, I don't care. Well, I do care, but not quite as much, because I have way too much just doing jazz that I wasn't paying attention as to whether I was getting a good grade or not.

Also had a conference about my VPS midterm with the theacher. He gave me a B-. He asked what kind of practicing I do. (Nick switches to improv mode) "Well, in the shower I will do some intoning usually, and I like to hum while I am reading or something in order to work on my resonant tones and finding my center pitch. I'll also do the warmups in the morning every other day." He bought everything. He's such a dork. And I hope he doesn't find this entry by some twist of fate til AFTER I pass his class. ;-)

All these grades are kinda scary though to tell the truth. All through my life I've gotten only A's. And now getting things like B's and C's is scary even though they are still considered good grades here. I dunno. It's all just kinda scary. I think all of those good grades, even though they were all deserved, kinda spoiled me.

B+B last night. It was a great night though! My nametag came in. Why did a tiny thing like a nametag with my name on it thrill me? I no longer have to wear one saying "Christopher" or "Marc" on it. I can wear one with MY name on the white oval with the B+B logo on top of it. I felt like I finally belonged...or something dorky like that. However, I still have not gotten my first paycheck. I am thinking it might come in tonight. So, I may make a special trip down there just to pick it up. I'm desperate for money...but then again, who isn't? Oh yeah, Bill Gates. But aside from him.

Last night after the show, I had a little girl come up to me and explain the whole story of B+B to me. It was adorable. "That is the beast. He didn't scare me. He used to be a bad beast, but Beauty made him nice again. And then he turned into a person. They loved each other and lived happy." That was a small excerpt of her story. It was the cutest thing.

I came out the stage door after work last night (like I always do) and there was a family waiting there. "Is beauty or beast coming out?" I told them that those two usually take a little longer to exit, but yes, they do come out. Then they asked if I was in the show. I SO wanted to say, "Why, yes! I was the pepper shaker!" But I refrained.

Ok, classes in about an hour and I still haven't gotten dressed and such, so I'm done for now. How amazing! I got an entire entry done without being distracted by an IM. I think this is a first! No wonder this one didn't take long to type up!