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Quote: "Mine doesn't have zoom or anything. It's a piece of shit.....but it's blue." -Jules (talking about her digital camera)

Look who is updating again...and SO soon after the last one. Could it be possible that the old Nick is back? We shall see....

So, ushering was fun the other night. The first Hedwig I saw was there which made it all the more enjoyable. Even better....he is coming back for a short time. YAY! No comments on how I thought Ally Sheedy did. Always feel bad when I bash a performer publicly, so I won't say anything.

Worked over the weekend. Blah. Getting SO tired of the show.

In one day I randomly ran into Jules and two classmates from school. How crazy is that?! I live in a city of a million people, and I randomly run into the few I know ALL the time! Doesn't that go against the laws of averages or something?

So, I run into Jules in front of Footloose. We watch people rollerblade around with televisions on their chests showing clips from the show. Kinda odd looking. Couldn't help but stare. We were harrassed by a "vietnam vet with Asian Orange who has his checks sent to his family so they can live and he left so they wouldn't have to see him live like that." As he was about to ask for the money he wanted, Jim (the person we were both there to see) showed up at the theatre, so we ran off. Hey, we wished the guy a happy holiday. We aren't ogres!

So, we talk to Jim. First time I saw him since he had seen the site. He thanked me for it, and said he loved it. I felt good. We chatted some, and then he left to go do the show.

Later that day, I ran into two classmates...Bri, and her roomie Tamara. We chatted, asked if they wanted to meet Jim cuz they had heard me talking about him, and we were off to the stage door. Bri felt kinda like a weirdo standing at the stage door. I informed her that going to the door is very common and told them they would feel much better after the show got out. And they did once the show got over and a sea of 11 year old girls formed a mob around the door and swooned a screamed as every cast member came out. Jim came out and I introduced them to him. We chatted a bit, and then they were on there way and I went to work...but not without stopping off for some honey roasted peanuts from a street vendor.

Saw that MTV was interviewing people on the street, and me being a limelight seeker walked past them like 12 times trying to get them to talk to me. No such luck.

Amazing how when I decide to write a new entry, I am talking to one or two people, and the moment I start it, the count jumps to 6 or 7. Tonight was the same. I wrote this entry while talking to 6 people people the entire time. Phew. I'm worn out. May not write another one for a few days. I have a lot of midterms this week, so I may be focusing on them. But never fear, I think it is safe to say that I am back.

Weird, the moment I am done updating....all the conversations end. WTF?!