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Music: Accompaniment for my new song in MTP
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Quote: "If you can beat our prices, then start your own airline." -Village Voice Ad (paraphrased)
Updated: Amblerville (a fan site i made)

I am trying to update regularly. I really am. I promise.

I went to the Gypsy of the Year Awards the other night. It was hilarious. Reminded me of Forbidden Broadway. I ended up sitting next to one of the cast members of Naked Boys Singing. Um.... could NOT concentrate. All the subtext to everything I was saying to him as we spoke was "I saw your penis last week! *tee hee*" Yes, I am immature.

I had a ballet midterm this morning. Didn't know it til I got there. Ooops. Oh well. I managed my way through it. It consisted of three parts. A fellow student told me she saw the grades for that part and I got an A-. So I'm not too worried.

Had a VPS midterm earlier this week also. I've never had a test that involved doing odd stretching exercises and humming as part of it. Oh well. I think I did a pretty good job on it as well. We shall see.

So, if you saw the link above, you'll see I have new website. It is a fan site for Jim Ambler. He is currently in Footloose on Broadway. He and I started talking once through Jules. Since, I'd like to think our relationship seems to have changed from fan/star to friend/friend, but I know that's silly. I will always be just a fan. I liked him both onstage as a performer and offstage as a human being and wanted to do something for him, so I made that site. Please feel free to stop by. Learn a bit about Jim. Sign the guestbook.

Tonight I ushering both shows of Hedwig. Finally get to Ally Sheedy. Bout damn time. What took me so long?

Ok, time to vent. Jeff is pissing me off. He likes to talk on the phone, use the computer, play on his Playstation, listen to music, and have company over.....all at the same. WTF?! When he does this, I can't do a damn thing cuz he is doing them all. And he waits til I walk in the room to do this instead of using them while I am at work when there won't be conflict. I seriously need to get a new roomie or move into a single room. I can't handle this.

Also, since getting here in mid October, I have been considering dropping out and moving back home. It's not that I can't handle living here, cuz I can. I'm just not happy. I think part of it is I can't seem to find a social group I fit in with. I don't want to generalize, but it seems like everyone here is either a drunk, a smoker, a druggie, or all of the above. And those are things I just do not agree with, and I won't sacrifice my values to fit in with a crowd I don't feel comfortable with. If that makes me conceited or stuck up or anything else...then fine. I'm guilty of all of that. I'd rather be those than fuck with my body and my future. Where was I? Oh yes...I just can't seem to find a group I can spend time with because of this. So I spend 80% of time feeling completely alone in life. The other 20% is spent in class. So my life here consists of class and.....nothing. But yes, I consider leaving at least once a week. Often more. But I know how disappointed everyone would be in me. And how I would never be able to forgive myself for quitting. So I remain...here...alone.

Ok, I'm gonna try to end this one on a happy note. My song for MTP is awesome. It's "The Old Red Hills of Home" from Parade. It's amazing. But it is also incredibly difficult. But I have confidence (for a change) that I will do a fairly decent job on it.

Plans for the weekend? Hmmm. Ushering tonight as I said. Working tomorrow night. Working sometime on Sunday. I should do some laundry also. So much to do. So little time.