Merry Christmas! Well, hopefully it's merry. I'm not really sure mine is all that merry so far. There's absolutely no snow. How was I supposed to get into the holiday spirit with no snow?! I don't know how you people in the south do it! I always hated snow.....but now I realize how important it is to me. I should be outside playing in the cold, white powder. But, I can't. Where's the snow?! Who took all of the snow?! When I find out who it was, I'm gonna kick his ass!

And for all of you who got that damn Furby.....screw you! I am so fuckin jealous! Yes, you too, Alisha! You'd better let me fuckin baby-sit that thing! I know where you live! Grrrrrr. I'll just wait a few weeks and the stores won't be able to sell enough of them! Then, I'll buy mine for only 20 bucks! So, HA! Who am I fooling? I'm so sad....I wanna Furby!

Well, I hope everybody got what they wished for. I got some of the stuff I wanted, but not the main thing. More than anything in the world, all I wanted was someone to love. Someone who could make me feel all gushy just by thinking about them. Someone who would feel all gushy when they thought about me. Someone who could make me feel.....well, worthwhile. But, nothing like that was stuffed in my stocking. I guess there's always next year.

Ok, enough of my pissy attitude. I'm done now. It's only one week until 1999. How insane is that?! I can't believe we're coming upon it. Time goes by too quickly these days! Before we know it, we'll all be grown with kids of our own, and heading off to our 9 to 5 jobs. I don't want that to ever happen. I don't want to grow up. I'm having too much fun. However, I will be forced to grow up rather soon. In a few short months I will be heading off to college. I'm a little worried about this. Can't come running to Mom when I need a little cash. I'm gonna have to learn how to do laundry. Eeeek! I don't know how to mix the darks and whites. I'm gonna end up with pink socks! I'm screwed!

Ok, while I go learn how to do laundry, all of you have a Merry Christmas! And if I don't see ya before then, have a Happy New Year as well!