Day: Monday
Time: 12:28 AM CST
Music: The Full Monty
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Quote: "Jon 'Puffy' Lovitz." -Jon Lovitz (on Celebrity 'Millionaire')
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I guess it's true that I never update.

Showcase went well. My good scene was cut due to lack of time. I was pissed and hurt at first, but I got over it for the most part. Still wish it could've been in the show. I don't feel I was showcased as well as I could've been, but it's over and there is nothing I can do it about it now, right? The show went well, I guess, and I guess my scene went ok too. I was pleased for the most part.

Now it's on to musical showcase. I am currently supposed to be learning all these songs to audition with when I get back, but do they honestly think any of us are going to be learning songs over our holiday breaks?! I hope I get something good for this showcase since the last one didn't go the way I had planned.

Had my first audition. It was for the Disney theme parks and for their cruise lines also. Did not go well. The pianist asked me to sing something other than what I brought in, so I had to sing something I wasn't prepared to sing. Worst audition of my life. Considering it's the only one, I guess it would be the best one too. Hmmm.

I'm home in Iowa now for the holiday. It's nice to be back. Relaxing. Sleeping in late. Getting good meals. Seeing old teachers and friends. Catching up. It's weird though. I feel kinda like a celebrity. Everyone wanting to see me and talk to me. It's a cool feeling. I guess if I never make it in the real world, I can always visit home and be considered a celebrity here. Here, I guess a celebrity is anyone who got out and declared their independence from staying inside the walls they were meant to outgrow. Someone who followed their dream instead of continuing to dream it.

I got some good shit for Christmas. A leather coat. A new stereo. To name a few. I'll get the rest from Santa in the morning.

I'm kinda upset. It's always been my own personal tradition to wake up Christmas morning and watch the parade from Disneyworld. I looked in the TV Guide and can't find it listed anywhere. I fear they aren't doing it on TV this year. It really makes me sad :-(

I think I've said enough in this entry. Hopefully, I'll do one more before the new year. Happy holidays!