Time: 11:32 PM CST
TV: Conan
IM/ICQ: Ricky, Aislinn, Melody, and Carie
Internet: email
Quote: "You know that 'Love thy neighbor' thing? I meant that." -God" -a billboard that amused me

Today was set to be a boring day until I received a surprise phone call.

Adam called me. I didn't even know he had my number. Oh well. He asked me to go shopping with him in Des Moines. I thought it sounded cool so I agreed. We were to meet at 3:30 and it took two hours to get there, and it was 1 when he called. I had 3o minutes to spare, but I hadn't gotten around yet. I got dressed and got around like a lightning bolt. Damn, if I ever oversleep, I can get around and be where I need to be in plenty of time. I was FAST!

So I get to the mall early and decide to get some fries for lunch. I discover I only have $7 on me. Eeek. After the fries, it's $6.

I'm sitting there eating and two girls sit down at a nearby table. One of them looks very familiar. I know I have seen her before. I kept staring at her and I knew she was probably noticing my gaze.

So Adam gets there and he has Carie with him! I was SO happy. I adore her! Big hugs all around. Then it turns out the two girls I was staring at were meeting them there too. Small world!

So we go shopping around the mall. La dee da. Not really looking for anything in particular.

Carie and I went shoe shopping. Admired some divine rubber-esque boots that went knee high. Simple perfect if you ask me.

Adam made me try on his shoes which I must say was quite enjoyable. They had air pockets in them and were super comfortable! I loved them. I wanted to steal them right there.

We went to a different mall. They had an Old Navy, but it didn't open til next month. We were sad.

Adam was trying on all the female coats and such in a leather store. The saleslady was just staring at him. If only I could know what was going on in her head! He even tried on a bustier. Um...ok.

Went to get a bite to eat and Long John Silvers. Adam was the only one who actually got any seafood though. My wallet was now 100% empty. Oy! We talked about very sexual things, and perhaps a little too loudly, but hey, it's no fun unless you annoy other people with it. And we decided to play a little game. We decided that every other word out of our mouths had be "f*cking." It made for quite an enjoyable evening.

That was basically it. We parted and I drove back home.

The ride home wasn't all that wonderful. I always hate long drives and especially when I am alone. And I got a cramp in my leg the whole time. And someone followed me WAY too close the whole time with his lights right in my eyes. I had the worst headache. And I almost fell asleep a few times which was kinda scary. I was giving myself peptalks and such. Pinching myself to stay awake. Well, I made it home, took some Tylenol, and am feeling much better.

A day that I expected to be boring ended up being a really great time! I hope we do it again before I leave.