Time: 8:25 PM CST
Movie: You've Got Mail
IM/ICQ: Nikki
Internet: not on the net
Quote: "I'm a devilsih s.o.b." -Me (per Nikki's request)
Updated: Your Inner Monologue


I woke up with extreme pain in my earring. First thought was that my earring was cuasing infection like I had always feared it would. Then I discovered that part of the earring that was not supposed to be in my ear had somehow gotten in the hole. I got it out of there (along with ample puss) and things seemed ok again. But my earlobe is swollen and still in pain. I have to clean it every hour in hopes that it will get better and I won't have to take it out and let the whole close up. Anyway.

Went shopping today. I got a new wallet. I was in need of one too. My old one was falling apart. Also got an address book. Now I can keep my soon-to-be hectic schedule somewhat organized. So, if you think you should included in my address book, send me your name, phone #, email, and any other info about you I may need to know. Keep in mind that if I know your birthday and your address, I can send a card. No guarantee that I will, but there is a higher possibility that I will. Chew on that one.

I added a new section to my site today. Now things are more interactive. It's a message board where all of you can go to discuss topics I may bring up on the site. You can comment on something I did in my diary. Give me advice for any problems I mention I am having. Yell at me for something I did or said. Ask a question for clarification. Request an idea for the site in general. Any and all of the above as well as anything else you think about. Please use it people. I am doing this for you. Click on "speak" in the bottom menu frame to get to this new message board.


I also finally got around to updating wtf?! So, there is a month of new people and things added in there. Hopefully, I've cleared some things up you may have been less than certain about.

Got confirmation that I can usher at Hedwig again. Ricky and I will be doing it this time. His first time seeing the show. I am going to be there as he loses his HedVirginity. He's growing up so fast! :)

I can so connect to this movie! The things they say and how they feel describe some of the things I've gone through and felt. They way she sneaks around making sure everyone is gone before she dashes to the computer to get online. I can totally connect with this movie. How sad is that?!

A week from today I will be in San Fran! Yippee!