Time: 10:29 PM CST
TV: Leno in a few minutes
IM/ICQ: Ricky
Internet: nothin
Food: Little, tiny cocktail hotdogs and Cherry Pepsi

La dee da

Jan had a hangover the other night. She hadn't come home from her date by 2 so we got a little worried. We watched for her to come home. She got there about 3. She had been drinking, throwing up, and passed out. In her words: "The best diet I've ever been on!"

The she spent the day on the couch annoying me. Why should I have to pay for her stupid acts?!

Went to visit Durley at school. I had to take some things back to her that I still had. We talked for a bit. She gave me a glue about the musical they may be doing this year and I got it instantly. Nobody else had gotten it. Now everyone is begging me to tell them what it is.

The internet provider decided to fail on me. I was without the net for 18 hours. I never realized exactly how much I used the net. I was literally on the brink of insanity.

Well, that was yesterday. Today...

Got an ATM card and a new account today. Did this to help prepare for NY.

Jan asked me if I had gained some weight. Gee, thanks, Jan.

Kory and Sawyer stopped by. It was a nice surprise. They seemed to enjoy feeding ice cubes to my dog. Oh well. Sawyer helped fix the computer so I was going to let them feed the dog anything. Of course, now I have to take this roundabout way to get online, but it works, so I am just going to have to deal with it.

San Fran will be here very very soon. I'm now thinking my outfit for it will be a tad too warm. I wore it today and was very warm unless in a very well air conditioned location. Hopefully, it will be a cool weekend there.

A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. I would give my left arm to be a pig.