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I remember a few of the things I forgot to tell you about. Well, ok, only one of them.

I got a lovely gift from Shannon. It was a giant pack of completely random pictures. Everything ranging from cast members, sock puppets, rabid park animals, to the infamous Rent Lunchbox. I was cracking up hysterically while reading her captions and looking at the pics. She never fails in her humor and wit. And now she has offered to help me decorate my dorm! What a sweetie!

Harry and I have started communicating lately. We had a very long dry spell where we didn't speak. We weren't angry at each other or anything. Just hadn't spoken much. I emailed him basically saying hi and such and got the best email back. Made me feel really good. He actually missed said he missed me and he was looking forward to hanging out together and such. Made my day.

Today was an odd day. I had a voice lesson to work on the wedding music and so I ended up driving by the school. It was so weird seeing all the cars in the parking lot and not having to be there myself. Not really a sad feeling, just...different.

I went by one of the elementary schools too. All the kids were out playing. They were all in little dresses and little preppy clothes that they got especially for their first day of school. It was adorable. I remembered back to my first day of kindergarten and remembered every detail so vividly. It was almost like I was there again. I was so young, and graduation seemed like something that was a million miles away. I had no sense of time or how it worked. The world was only a happy place. The only problem was deciding what color backpack to get. How I long for those days again. Life was perfect.

But now I am all grown up and life is not perfect. I was running around in the rye, but I fell off the cliff. I've lost my innocence as those children will someday soon. I just hope they enjoy it while it lasts.