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Welcome to another episode of "As the World Turns...and Fucks with Nick's Life."

Yes, that's right. My life is such a soap opera. I know everyone says that, but I really feel as if my life is some whacked story at times.

Yesterday, before the party, I found out a friend is going through hard times with her boyfriend. They were on the verge of splitting up. I spent quite some time adding a third party insight to everything and I think I was able to calm her down.

Then I went to the party.

Drove out with Brooke. Kory lives out by some woods, and when we got there, I noticed some tall grass on the edge of the woods with a trail in it. A few of us got together with one flashlight and went hiking down this trail. Soon, the tall grass gave way to thick forest. If Kory wasn't there leading us, we were certainly going to get lost.

Once we got to the middle of the woods, Kory informed us that there were coyotes in them. Gee, Kory, ya think you could've mentioned that a little sooner? Like, before we got all the way out here?! And right on cue we heard a noise. We could hear it moving through the woods. Our tiny flashlight couldn't find it either. Once we pointed the light in the direction the noise came from, we would hear the noise somewhere else.

I suddenly had SO much respect for the actors in "Blair Witch."

We eventually got to the end of the paths. It was giant rocks in a large circle. Looked kinda like a place people would have a fire and sit on the rocks around it roasting marshmallows or somwthing. However, my imagination turned it into a location for sacrificing people. I hate my morbid imagination!

So we started heading back to the house, but Kory took us on the wrong paths. And since he had the flashlight, we had to follow him.

So after walking through countless cobwebs and getting smacked in the face with sticks, we finally got back to house. I roasted a hotdog and ate it, but only after accidently touching it on the log and getting log debris on it. Yum.

Went inside and watched a few episodes of South Park. Then came home.

I'm glad I went. Got to hang with some friends I hadn't seen all summer. Met Eduardo too. He is going to be the (or at least one of the) foreign exchange students at CHS this year. He is from Argentina. I wanted to talk with him in Spanish but I would've figured that would've made me look like a dork. We're at a party and I want to spend the time speaking in Spanish? Not cool.

On the way home, I almost killed a cat and a rabbit.

Today I was a lazy ass. I didn't wake up til 1 in the afternoon. But I think that's cuz I was up til about 3 talking with Ricky. I'm sure those late night chats will end once he goes back to school. But then he and I will have our lunch time chats to make up for it, so it'll all equal out.

I noticed a bubble on my foot today. Turns out it's a blister that somehow snuck up on me. It was the size of a freakin jelly bean. So, I sterilized a needle and popped it. All this liquid came out and it was less than apetizing. Now I have a lovely little Pooh bandaid on my foot.

I cleaned my room today. What the hell is wrong with me?!