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Quote: Birthday Quotes! "my comptuer says it's 1, the clock above the computer says it's 1:03 and my watch says it's 12:58...i'll take my chances and say happy birthday now" -Lindsay (she lives in the eastern time zone) and "the balloon makes you look so much older!" -Melody (in reference to my icq icon)
Updated: the rent music library

Yesterday was quite a day!

Was woken up at an insane hour. Opened the gifts from the family. Won't tell ya everything, but some. I must have every RENT cd known to man now. Got the German Cast recording, the karaoke cd. Mom had ordered the japanese one too, but it was on backorder, so it is on it's way. I also got Anthony's movie "David Searching." Clothes, clothes, and more clothes. I am lovin the clothes.

My favorite card I got was the one I got from my dog. Yes, I realize Mom bought it and just put her name on it, but it's still cute. Read it here.

Got online real quick. Had a million birthday greetings waiting for me in the form of emails, virtual cards, voice mails, etc. Took forever to get to them all. But it was great to see so many people cared enough to do that.

Got around and started off for Des Moines (DSM) with Mom. On the way, I listened to the German cd. OMFG! It is so hilarious! We were rolling the entire time! I can't even begin to explain how incredible odd it was to hear the songs I have listened to daily for the past 2.5 years suddenly in a foreign language. It was a very odd feeling.

However, I was surprised the emotions still came across. I wasn't sure if it would or not. The music is SO powerful in itself that it doesn't matter what the words are. It still speaks. It may be cuz I know the words. I dunno.

I am a fan of Peti van der Velde (Mimi). She is quite good. Very attractive and seductive looking too.

But listening to it all in a new language was just so weird. There is a part where Mark sounds like he is saying "Check my dusty leg." Mom and I both started laughing hysterically several times throughout the show.


Got to DSM in time for lunch. Ate at Applebee's. I had a club croissant. While we were eating the staff kept coming by asking if we drove a blue Dodge. Apparently someone's car shifted out of gear and rolled some and almost hit another car.

Then we went shopping. Got LOTS more clothes. I now have the best outfit for San Fran. It is going to kick so much ass. The pants are kinda like the ones Roger wears during "Without You." And the shirt is black and white. It kinda reminds me of the kind of shirt a swing dancer would wear. The outfit does kinda. All I need now is shoes for it. It may very well be my new favorite outfit. It is just too cool.

I got an Old Navy Tech Vest that morning which pleased me beyond belief. I love those commercials. "Sister sister. Brother brother." LOL. Love it!

So I went into the other store with vest. The Gap. I adore that commerical. They were playing the commerical song in there. So, of course, I sang along.

We went in another store and I was stopped by one of the workers. She asked me "Did you go to the Simpson College Music camp a few years ago?" She remembered me from a week long camp from over two years ago! That is just nuts! It was kinda ironic too, cuz at Applebee's, Mom had told me that one day we would be in a restaurant and people would recognize me after I became famous. I was adament in my knowledge that I would never get recognized. And then this girl has to go and remember me from a very short encounter over two years ago. Mom was sure to point this out.

After shopping for HOURS, we went.....shopping again.

Went to Barnes & Nobles. It has the be the biggest book store I have ever seen. And I hate it. Whenever I am in a store where they have no selection, I find a trillion things I want. But this store has every book written since the turn of the century and I couldn't find a damn thing. I did look for a NYC guidebook to possibly help me once I get there. They had a million different ones and since I am indecisive, I didn't get one.

Then we went at ate again. This time at Old Country Buffet. I should never eat at buffets. I always eat way too much. Way too much.

After eating we went to see The Blair Witch Project. (Do not read the rest of this paragraph if you don't want anything spoiled for you or any info about the movie.) I was expecting a great movie, but was dissapointed. I found I was actually rather bored throughout much of the movie. I did enjoy the last five minutes of it though. And maybe the beginning. But most of it was just boring. For me anyway. It may have been incredible if I hadn't had the movie spoiled for me by seeing so much media on it and seeing the actors on talk shows and knowing it was all fake and etc. Mom didn't know any of this stuff, and she thought it was great and very frightening. I'll go see it again I suppose if someone wants to see it with me, but it wasn't the best time I've ever had in a movie theater. The theater did have reclining/rocking seats which was something I had never seen before. They were comfy!

By this time it was late so we came home. Had a great lightning show all the way home. Lightning is so pretty and fascinating.....as long as it doesn't get anywhere near me.

I got home and practically collapsed. It was such a long day. It was a good one though. I am glad I got to spend the last birthday I will have while living at home with Mom.

I'm 19. But I'm old for my age. I'm just born to bad!