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Quote: "******** could be vomiting on the street and she'd look hot" -Melody (discussing our shared love for a certain diva. name omitted for privacy reasons)

I've always wanted my own domain, but could never afford it. I decided to check into the availability of it though and sure enough, some bitch (i use that term with the utmost respect) had already bought nicknax.com. Ugh. I am seriously Mr. Pissed-off-ollees. Now I have to find a new domain to get...and the money.

A friend sent me a zodiac reading thingy. I never really believe those things unless they fall under one category. I only believe them if they say good things about me. ;-)

It said:

You are romantic, affectionate and loyal. A talented leader who is often at the center of attention. Because you are sympathetic to others and honest in all your endeavors, you have little trouble attracting members of the opposite sex, and likewise are skilled at making and keeping friends. Although you do not respond well to criticism, you are blessed with an intellectual brilliance which will allow you to succeed in such fields as music, art, and science. Financial rewards may be slow in coming, but in the end monetary gains will propel you into a comfortable financial independence. Leos are best known for being warm-hearted and generous.

I'd say that describes me perfectly. But then again, I am a vain person, so of course it does.

I have been so good to myself lately. Tanned for an hour today. Worked out some. Took a long bubble bath. There is nothing finer than soaking in peach scented bubbles. Then I ate a lot of junk food to counteract the good things I had done. Will I ever learn?!

Basically, my birthday is tomorrow, and it is seriously looking like it is going to suck. It is really the last birthday I will have at home, and I wanted it to be special, but looks like it's going to be just as mundane and boring as all of them. Oh well. Such is the story of my life. No "real" update tomorrow. I'll fill you in on all the boring details on Thursday.

Wow! I am getting so old! Pretty soon I will be making impotence commercials with Bob Dole.