Time: 11:03 PM CST
TV: Jay Leno
IM/ICQ: Ricky and Lindsay
Internet: trying to get into tripod

Dsam tripod! It won't let me into my account so I don't know when this will actually get posted. Maybe later tonight. Maybe next week. Who knows?

I had no plans tonight, but I ended up having some made for me.

Alisha called me and demanded that I go rollerblading with her. Not wanting a girl beating me up, I agreed.

We went to a nice level surface to blade on. It was rather fun actually which surprised me. We talked a lot and that was cool. I became a dare devil. We used out creativity (or is it paranoia?) to come up with a story about a gay heterosexual lesbian wanting to father both of our love children. We're each freaks.

Perhaps the best part of the evening was the fact that we skated for an hour and I didn't fall once. If you don't believe me, just ask her.

To celebrate my successful night of skating, we jumped on her trampoline. I did my fisrt tramp flip ever. (Get your minds out of the guttors people!) It was cool, but I felt like I was gonna flip off the edge of the trampoline and onto my head. And almost did.

I do have a blister now. Oy.

Then I came home, peeled my sweat-drenched clothes off (lovely visual, i know) and took a long, cold shower. It was a nice day. And now I will actually consider using my rollerblades again. They will get more good use than just sitting in my closet.

Found out my admissions counselor at AMDA does not work there anymore. Now my counselor is Stuart Raphael. Is that not a cool name! But I wish Mary, my original counselor was still there. She was SO nice and I felt really comfortable with her. I could tell she was going to be someone I could go to as a friend if I needed to. I assume Stuart is just as wonderful, but I was just so damn comfortable with Mary.


I will supposedly find out who my roommate will be about two weeks into September. I am so aprehensive about this. Will he be a freak? Will he be a best friend? Will he smoke? Will he drink? Drugs? Is he messy? Funny? Will he accept me?

There will be a special entry page on the site on Wednesday. It will be a special day. Today was a special day too. Today is my two year RENTiversary. Two years ago today, I saw RENT for the first time. And since, have seen it an average of every three months. I need serious help.

I know there was more I was going to say, but all has escaped me at the moment.