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Quote: "I will make the best of today that I can because it will cost me one day of my life" -Ponch (quoting something he read)
Updated: get in touch (at shannon's request)

Sorry for the lack of updates this past few. I've been through the emotional ringer. I'll try to recap, but probably forget everything.

Birthday is coming up. Mom took the day off from work for it. That was sweet of her. We might go to the fair (yeehaw?) and perhaps see Blair Witch (finally!).

I remember several months ago (May to be exact) I emailed a theatre in San Diego asking for casting info cuz I wanted to audition for Into the Woods. Well, today I FINALLY got my response from them. Turns out I probably couldn't auditioned anyway, but still! 3 months before they reply?! Let's get with it people!

I made Mom call the bride at the wedding I am singing at. She hadn't dropped the music off yet like she was supposed to and I was pissed with her so I made Mom call her. Turns out she lost the address I gave her. Could she NOT call and get it again?! Hello! She is going to drop off the songs sometime in the next few days. Now...she only told me it was one song. Now she is making it plural on me. No no no. I agreed to ONE song. But I'll be a puss and do both cuz I have no backbone.


Things are getting better from the past few days. At least it feels like they are. I still can't believe I was such an ass and did the horrible things I did. But I think my angel is giving me a second chance. And I sure has hell am going to do my damndest not to fuck it all up again. I don't want to go through this again...or put a certain someone else through it.

I am seriously considering getting braces. I don't need them. I don't need them for medical reasons, but I think I want them for some cosmetic reasons. I have some crookedness I would like to fix and a slight underbite. It certainly wouldn't hurt to have a million dollar smile in the business I am going into. The only problem is that braces cost practically a million dollars themselves. Please send donations to my address. It can be found on the contact page (see header). If you send me a donation, I will thank you when I win my first Tony Award. Ok, I really won't, but I will send you a really nice email. Help me out here??

I've had odd sleeping lately. One night I get no sleep and the next I sleep til noon. I think I need a more stable schedule. Either that, or die after the first week of AMDA. Speaking of AMDA they called the other day. Turns out they needed to talk to Mom about the amount of the loan. Could this mean I am not getting as much money as I thought I was? Gee, this is a pleasent thought.

I've been neglecting the wtf section. I'll try to update it once I get around to thinking about it at a time I am not busy.

San Fran is fast approacing. Getting tingly!