Time: 5:03 PM CST
TV: Simpsons
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I actually woke up at a decent hour this morning so I could fit my tanning in. I got up and saw that it was cloudy and on the verge of raining, so I went back to bed.

I didn't really do anything exciting all day. But that's the story of my life.

I got a nice piece of mail from a friend today. She sent me three Jonathan Larson Ribbons. For those of you who don't know what they look like, there is a computer-made one here. Thanks, Kati! I love them!

I did get a HILARIOUS pic in my email today. You can view it here. Trust me, it is well worth it.

Jan gets Mikala tonight, so the house will once again be noisy. I do kinda miss the noise every now and then...but I'll never admit it to Jan.

I did kinda ruin the most important thing going on in my life right now. Read my lament if you care to know. I feel absolutely dreadful. I just wanna die.