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Quote: "The almighty 'powerblower'. Wait....that didn't sound very good." -Marc (referring to me)
Updated: new site is opened with little fanfare
Fun Link: everybody in vests (i love this commercial)

I hate my car. I went to the track to run again, but when I got there, the firemen had taken over the area. They were running around with hoses and being all fireman-y.

So, I turned around to come home and just run around the neighborhood when my car gets a flat. Ugh. So I am bumbling down the streets like an idiot with a flat tire.

Get home, tell mom, and then go for my run. Get home and she goes to get this pump thing from the shop. We pump the tire and take it to the shop. They replace it which costs mucho money. Something we don't really have since I am taking this trip to San Fran.

Anyway, the car is fixed, but it seems to break once a month, so I am not expecting to go long til it is back in the shop.

I got to thinking today that I don't really consider myself a man, nor do I think I ever will. To me, a man just seems like something so mythical and godlike that I will never reach it. When my brother was my age, I considered him a man, but now that I am this age, I don't consider myself a man. And I probably won't when I get to the age he is now...which is like 30 almost. I was asked if it really mattered that I be considered a man. Not really, I guess. But when someone calls you man, it seems like they respect you as a mature, grownup individual. I'm forever destined to be a boy, or a guy at best.

Opened the new site today. It feels SO good to finally have it done. And I am actually kinda happy with it, which is surprising cuz I am such a perfectionist.

Mikala's dad got married today. For the sake of everyone involved, I really hope he can keep this one going longer than he can keep his erections. Nuff said there.