Time: 10:53 PM CST
TV: Letterman
IM/ICQ: Lindsay and Ricky
Internet: farewell board
Updated: site is coming along well

I have a lot of sick friends.

Heather and I took some ice cream out to Daniel tonight cuz he had his wisdom teeth removed today. He was doing remarkably well. A lot more normal than I was doing. He seemed perfectly fine. Damned quick healer!

We sat and talked some. I got jealous of Dan's tan and buff body...as I do everyone who is tan and/or buff. But I'm over it now. I went to shake his hand as we left but he hugged me instead. Made me feel good. Hugs are nice.

Heather and I went to Pizza Hut afterward cuz we were starving like no other. Each of us ate WAY too much and now my wallet is empty.

Then we went to visit Sawyer. He almost died today. I don't know all the details, but I guess he got light headed, fell, hit his head on the fireplace, and woke up later in a pool of his own blood. We went to visit him. He appears to be doing fine.

We spent a lot of the time at his house sitting outside looking at the stars. He lives out in the country so you can see them really well. Then we went and played around on the roof. We didn't think Sawyer should be up there, but he did it anyway.

Went inside then. Sawyer got on the computer, Heather became fascinated with a 3D puzzel, and I collapsed on the couch.

Then I came home. Quite the njoyable evening. Got me away from this computer and I realize I do have a life away from this box. The new site is coming along well. I still need to find a title for it. WAY too many people we finding it by searching for "freak shows." I am pretty sure that my site isn't what they had in mind.

Plans for tomorrow. Hopefully, get the site even closer to completion. Whether or not that actually gets done is yet to be determined.