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The show is finally over. Finally!

Nobody bothered to tell me that today's matinee started an hour later than the other matinee so I got there way too early and had to sit by myself for an hour. That was not cool.

I did get to listen to Piano Man more though, which was fabulous. He is the best pianist I have ever heard (not counting the pro's obviously). I found myself just sitting there and staring at him. Part of his wonderful talent can't be appreciated unless you watch him. They way he swayed and rocked had a hypnotic effect. Several times I suddenly realized I was staring at him and didn't know how much time had passed. He was just that good.

And I got to talk to him today. He is from Albania. He had the greatest voice. And his mouth did this little quirky thing when he talked. Kinda like he was kinda smirking thr whole time, but that wasn't it. I can't really describe it. All I can say is I watched his mouth shapes a lot. He was a very nice guy. He was very interested in asking questions. It's good to know someone cares enough to ask you things.

I asked him if he had ever composed his own music. He said he had when he was in high school and was in a "roke band." (man, I love that accent!) I told him he should compose music for a career...say musical theatre or something. And I told him I would be more than happy to star in any show he wrote. Yes, I was shamelessly asking for him to write a show for me, but he knew I was just kidding around, so it was ok. Or was I?

As you may have noticed, unless you are blind, I have temporarily closed the website for renovations. I hope to have it open again in a few days, but it is possible that I run into some unforseeable problems and it take longer. I'll be working like a dog on it though so it can be opened again as soon as humanly possible. You can expect quite a change from the old site. Hope you like the new and improved site. Stand by for the grand opening.