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Quote: A whole slew of Shannon quotes cuz she is just that cool. "we like sauce...we like sauce slathered upon the naked posteriers of our feline friends" along with "he's so special, he gets an extra beat of music!!" and then rounding out the bunch with "i need 12 naked ducks, shaven and gleaming...." (no comment)
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Damn clouds. They hid the sun from me during my normal tanning time and so I couldn't get any sun. Ugh. How am I supposed to get tan if I can't see the sun?

Didn't work out quite as much today, which is actually a very good thing. Yesterday, I did so much I almost threw up a few times. I was kinda scaring myself, but I just couldn't bring myself to stop. I kept getting dizzy spells and all kinds of scary things. I wouldn't stop though. I just ran more and did more pushups and more situps and more curls and more and more and more. I cut back majorly today though. It's good, but I also feel like I really slacked off.

Had rehearsal for tonight's performance. Rehearsal went badly. But then again, all of mine do.

Shannon convinced me to change my voicemail service. Didn't take much convincing though. So you can call me at 1-877-541-6958 to leave me a message. Prank me if you want to, but be warned. It also tells me the number you call from so you won't be quite as anonymous as you want. And I DO like to fight fire with fire. So just try me.

My performance went fine. I basically sang while people we eating (it was a dinner theatre) which meant nobody paid a bit of attention to me. The guy playing the piano played about 30 minutes at least. This isn't so bad, but he had NO sheet music in front of him. He was playing it ALL from memory and he was doing a damn good job! Some of the best playing I've heard in a long time. Then I was informed that he didn't have the music memorized. He was making it up as he went along. I was so damn pissed. I hate people who are talented. Just hate them.

The play was good. Very humorous. All the kids I knew who were in it did a great job in their roles. I can't say the same for everyone in it though. Overall, it was a nice evening of theatre.

Talked with Dan during intermission. Hadn't seen him in a long time. Caught up on things going on in life. First question out of his mouth: "Why aren't you in Toronto?" Oy! Everyone seems to ask me that.

Talked to Kory and Sarah after the show. Told them they did a great job in the show (which they did). They each liked my earring. This made me happy. I don't know why it means so much to me that people like it. I guess I just always want people to like me. It's a horrible disease I have. The need to please. Oh well, they liked the earring and that's what is important. We decided we should get together for a birthday celebration of our own. Mine is on the 18th, Sarah's is the 19th, and Kory's is the 20th. Kinda cool. So, we might have our own private party.

Tomorrow's plan: Make up for missing my chance to tan today. The sun better make an appearance tomorrow morning. Find some time to workout. Then I have two performances to do. Oy! Dressing up in a suit, singing, getting back into normal clothes, dressing back up in the suit, singing again, sitting through the show again, and getting back into normal clothes does not sound like the best day in the world to me. Oh well. The show must go on.