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Quote: "you are adorkable!" -Rachel (giving me a [well deserved] compliment)

Tanned some more again today. This time I did 40 minutes. Still seeing no results. Getting impatient here.

Worked out some more too. Doing more reps which is a good sign, isn't it? Sure it is. Can't be doing more if I am not improving. Before you know it, I'll be able to kick your ass. So you'd better watch out.

I went for a run today. It was great. Passed so many people running, walking, and riding bikes. With dogs and and without dogs. Alone and in groups. Saw this elderly couple walking to the end of the block and back. It was so sweet. Made me kinda get all misty-eyed.

After running some, I met Brooke. I was running by her house as they pulled in the driveway. Her and I walked together for a bit and talked. Discussed the local gossip. She liked my earring. At least she said she did, which was nice of her.

After our walk, I ran some more. Got home finally to discover a blister on the bottom of my foot. Oy. This is going to make running torture for the next week or so. Oh well. No pain, no gain, right?

I'm gonna try to increase my workout tomorrow. It'll be hard cuz I have a rehearsal in the afternoon and a performance in the evening. I am entertainment at the community theatre production. I'm not in the actual show cuz I thought I was going to be in Canada all summer. That ended up falling through, but only after the auditions had been held. Oh well. I still get to take part in the production.....kinda.

I've lost five pounds in two days. I am well on my way to buff-ville. Fear me.