Time: 10:11 PM CST
TV: Undressed
IM/ICQ: Lindsay, Angel, Ricky, and Jason
Internet: RIC
Quote: "wear big hair and you'll die!" -me (after finding out i am sitting behind rachel at the angel cast's final show)

I am SO damn sore. I think I exercized too much yesterday. I can barely move. Oy. Think I'll be taking a break tomorrow.

I sun bathed today. I had this horrible phobia that someone would show up at my house while I was laying outside half naked. Nobody did though. Phew! I have horrible self image problems. Horrible. I would've had to have shot myself if someone had shown up. Plain and simple. I just gritted my teeth and did it though. Listening to a little N'sync while baking in the sun was kinda enjoyable though. I just might have to do it again considering you can't get tan after only 30 minutes. Just please promise me you won't stop by. Please.

As you may have read above, I am going to be attending the final Angel Cast performance. I am beyond thrilled. I can hardly believe it is true. I get to sit right behind Rachel too! I'll be in Row C in front of Mimi! I am giddy and I am certain it does not reflect well on me. I'm just so damn excited that I get to see the last bar dance, moo party, breaking and entering, and death done by this cast. It almost makes me misty eyed just to think about it. I will most likely be bawling throughout the entire show even though I really haven't gotten close to this cast the way I've become a die hard fan of the Benny Cast. It's just the whole idea of it. It's ending. This all must sound like a bunch of random sentences that make no sense. But that's how they are flying around in my mind. I can't make much sense of it myself.

I really need to calm myself down now. And I need to go get some cassettes so I can make a little audio recording of a certain special occasion on a certain stage in a certain city called San Francisco. This will bring my boot count up to 4. I'm such a bad boy. I have to stop with the illegal activities.