Time: 8:01 PM CST
TV: Dharma and Greg
IM/ICQ: Ricky, Shannon and Leah
Internet: RIC
Quote: "your new name is schmulnik von gluuber" -Shannon (i have no clue)
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I am becoming a whole new person today. Very odd.

I helped Mom with the dishes today without even being asked. What's come over me?

I did yoga today too. I was kinda curious about it, so I finally decided to try it. I must say I really enjoyed it. There were times it felt so good that I kinda chuckled. At the end I was almost asleep. It was kinda like the time I was hypnotized at the school function. That is another story entirely in itself. Just don't say "Chicago" around me.

Kinda started trying to get myself in shape a little I guess. My personal trainer is helping me out which is kinda difficult since he is in Toronto, but he does his best. The sweet thing is that he doesn't even have to be doing it. He's just a very sweet person. Thanks, Ricky.

Got stuff from AMDA yesterday. It was something about a loan or something. Mom was looking at it and it said it was due late June. It wasn't even postmarked until late July. What is that about?! This is my pet. His name is peeve.

For anyone out there who has something from my diary linked, you may need to change the link. My file manager was getting too congested and cluttered so I made some more subdirectories.

Still wanting to revamp the site. I am just not happy with it. It seems so juvenile or something. So, if someday you come to visit, the site may be closed for renovation. I need a new title for it first though. Feel free to submit some ideas. Back to the drawing board.