Today is the first day of my online diary! Yeah! I'm now accepting bets as to how long it will last. I don't do well with diaries or journals or whatever you want to call them. I usually write in them for a week or so, then....nothing. I don't know why this happens, it just does. One of those mysteries of nature that will never be explained I guess. Kinda like those places where water runs uphill. "Ooooh! Look at the water run uphill!"

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, my online diary. This will basically the place where I write about the events of the day, the psychotic things that run through my mind (not that there are any), and where I put all of my non-RENT related crap. And that's what most of it...crap! I'll try to add to it a whole bunch, cuz I know that all of you could care less about what I will probably write here. But, you can't really refuse to read it unless it's there to read, now can you? So, I'm actually doing you a favor. Without this little diary, you would have nothing to not look at. You owe me a "thank you!"

Well, what happened today? Nothing!

Speaking of the Statue of Liberty (I know, I wasn't speaking of it, but shut up! This is MY diary, isn't it! I can be as random as I want to, so HA!), never go there! Ugh! I was there over New Years. I decided to go to see Lady Liberty, because it's the cliche thing to do. Well, I got there, and waited in line to climb the stairs to the crown. I was so excited to see the beautiful view from the top. I couldn't wait! Well, finally the line got to the point where the stairs started. After hours....and hours of climbing countless stairs (and fortunatly I didn't have to count; there are signs that tell you how many steps are left so you can actually calculate how solw you are moving. Who's genius idea was that?!) which get narrower and narrower as you ascend, I reach this lovely little spiral staircase. Very little! So, finally I reach the crown. What a disappointment! It's smaller than...uh...a breadbox! And you have tons of people pushing you to keep going, so you have about five seconds to take pictures. Not a good experience. After hours of waiting and climbing, you get one, picture taken...and you take it through a filthy window, so it turns out all splotchy. Who's wonderful idea was it to torture people in this way?!

Well, that's all I care to tell you for today. You don't deserve anymore, you filthy maggots! Come back in the near future to read more the ramblings that go on in this thing I call a mind...if you dare. You might find that I will be complaining about you in the next entry of my online diary! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!